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Where Can I Find A PDF Book Showing A Companys Copyright Watermark?

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Where Can I Find A PDF Book Showing A Companys Copyright Watermark?

Copyright is intended to control re-use, especially re-use for sale. Reading the book is fulfilling the purpose for which it was made so there can be no question of copyright infringement. The only way it could be is if you read an unauthorised copy, but that would be infringement by the person who made the copy, not you.

Watermark PDF: All You Need to Know

So if you want to read our book (and not re-enact it), do NOT use the word “dinosaur” in the title.  If you do, you'll be in violation of copyright law, and we won't be happy. [...] So, you see, the question is simple: If you see a picture or a reference to “Dinosaur” or “Triceratops”, and you believe it is “a picture or reference to a depiction of a T. rex”, then it is absolutely and definitely NOT protected under US copyright law (unless you want to break the law. The above excerpt comes from the US Copyright Office's online searchable database (COPULA). Here is their description for the particular term: If you search for the term “triceratops” or any derivative “T. rex” term, you will get about 80,000 hits. The most common words that come up are “Dino” (80,100 hits) and “T. rex” (55,000.

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