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Portable Document Format was created by Adobe. It has become a globally standard for sending and saving digital files. These days, it is the most reliable document sort that can be read on any computer and on any smartphone without having jeopardizing format or quality. PDFs can contain written text, images, spreadsheets, or any sort of details.
Technical details
A PDF file is just like a printed document but in digital form. As opposed to hard copies, a PDF can have built in video and audio files, as well as links to jump instantly to other areas of the document or additional resources. You can even set up safety to avoid unwanted reading, printing or document editing.
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How to set watermark on PDF with no software installation:

Drag and drop your document to our web page.
Alternatively, browse it on your device or cloud storage.
Edit the content before you protect it with your custom logo.
Add Fillable Fields by type or use Templates.
Click the Editor tab at the top of the window.
Jump to Add Watermark menu at the sidebar.
Type your text for stamp, configure its orientation, size, and opacity.
Click Done to download, print, and share your new data file.

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What Our Customers Say

Medical Assistant
Personally, I like it. The watermark I applied didn't take long at all. I have a whole file full of PDFs that need branding. For the guys out there that have to do that same thing over and over again. This tool makes it easy.
Marriage Therapist
It adds a reliable watermark every time. If you need to protect your documents from being used, check this PDF editor out.
Loan Officer
It really works! I've tried a lot of other apps, but this one's great. Apply a watermark to your PDF in just a few clicks.

How to watermark PDF for its better protection

Use watermarks to brand your PDFs with the company's signs and protect them from copying.

Using Your Browser

on MS Windows

with Mac

Using Adobe Acrobat

How to add a watermark on PDF using your browser

PDF documents are safe in use and generally secured from editing. But you often need to personalize your forms for extra protection of your intellectual property from unauthorized copying. Enclose watermark on PDF to keep your files recognizable. This is a semi-transparent image of a text, company name, or logo that appears behind or above the content. This tool is included in most PDF readers; however, using online services from your browser makes it fast and easy without installing particular software. Protect your document with our service in seconds.
Follow these simple instructions:
Open watermark-on-pdf.com in your browser.
Drag and drop your template to the highlighted area.
Click the Add Watermark button on the right panel.
Click Watermark and customize the document with your text
Edit your marking with color, orientation, and opacity.
Click Close and Done to apply changes.
Our online service is fast and guarantees safety as it works from a cloud. You can add watermark to PDF in several clicks on your device. The editor contains extra features to include in the document such as page numbering, form numbers with custom prefixes and suffixes, or dates. After finishing with marking, you can also apply additional adjustments to your template by inserting an e-signature, adding notes, or fillable fields, if needed. Try our all-in-one tool to brand your documents easily.

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How to add watermark on PDF in MS Windows

In MS Windows, you can individualize word processing documents with marks and labels using Microsoft Word. But working with PDF requires installing additional software as Windows doesn't have a built-in application to process this type of file. Alternatively, you can use online services, and our web platform is a smart solution. With our service, adding watermark to PDF is easy and beneficial thanks to a wider range of features. Your content will be protected with a custom imprint and bate numbers just in seconds.
Make the steps below:
Open our site and upload your PDF.
Click the Add Watermark button on the right panel.
Tick Watermark to insert your label.
Click Close to return to the main menu.
Edit your document with extra tools from the upper panel, if needed.
Click Done to finish.
Using our web tool helps you watermark PDF with the simple and rich editor in several quick steps. Add your company's name or mark the form with a recognizable pattern, modify its size, color, and orientation to prevent viewers from unauthorized copying the content. Furthermore, the platform has lots of extra editing tools for better document managing. Just in a couple of clicks, you can add a legal e-signature or hide private information with a blackout option. No more heavy installations; use our service for fast and effective document management.

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How to add watermark on PDF on a Mac

Managing PDF with Mac is very simple, as it has built-in software for this type of documents. There're several ways to add watermark to PDF on a Mac. You may use an Automator application to integrate a digital photo as a watermark. However, this program is not so popular and simple in use as Preview. It's a fast and easy way to protect your sensitive data from copywriting with personalized text labels. The main advantage of using this application is that you can do this offline anytime from any place.
See the simple steps to below:
Launch Preview and open your PDF.
Go to the Edit menu, click Watermark -> Add.
Choose a Text or Image.
Click Add and save the changes.
As you see, using this application on Mac is quick and effortless. Moreover, it's available offline in case of an unstable internet connection. However, it only allows you to mark your documents by adding text and images from other forms but the typewrite option is unavailable. In case you need to type in an individual text label quickly and apply more marking features, our online service can be a great solution. Adding watermark to PDF with our tool is fast, feature-rich, and secure. Your files get protected with custom messages and brands just in a few clicks. Try it now!

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How to add watermark on PDF using Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a popular software for all sorts of operations with Portable Document Format. Developed specifically for this file type, it has both an offline desktop application and an online tool with basic editing features. There's a PDF watermark built-in option so you can restrict copying your documents and brand them easily. Bear in mind that the free trial version is available for 7 days only. After that, you'll need to pay for its full subscriptions or search for other alternative services.
Find out the instructions:
Open your template in Adobe Acrobat.
Choose Tools in the upper panel -> Edit PDF -> Watermark -> Add.
Set the settings in the Add Watermark window.
Type the text in the box to add a text mark or upload a file to use the image mark.
Click OK to save your adjustments.
Adobe's product is popular for being effective and safe enough. Anyhow, its trial version is short and you may find the full subscription costly. Try our new web service as an alternative. It's a full-featured web-platform with a user-friendly interface for adding watermark to PDF. Securing your forms from unauthorized copying is fast and simple. The service has also extra powerful features for easy PDF editing. It provides you with high data protection, so your records are safe and cannot be viewed or checked by anyone while you're making modifications. Take the benefits now!

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How to add watermark on PDF?
To indicate the document as your or your company’s property, open it in our editor, and select Add Watermark to create your distinctive sign. You can insert marks to selected pages or all.
How to put a watermark on PDF for free?
With a free trial, you get access to all advanced tools, including adding watermarks. Open your document in our editor and insert the mark using words or symbols.
How to add watermark for PDF online?
Taking advantage of our web-based solution, you will be able to edit documents via any Internet-connected device. Visit our website from anywhere to add watermarks and much more.
How to insert watermark for PDF on Mac?
You can use all the tools of our editor, regardless of your operating system. From your account, manage documents and put watermarks on all pages.
How can I create a watermark for my photos?
Our solution is produced for PDF, PNG, JPG, and many other file types. Upload unlimited pictures and insert watermarks in a snap.
What is the best watermark app?
The market for document editing solutions is vast. But many apps can’t provide benefits such as our platform. Taking advantage of our editor, you are able to create custom labels, modify opacity, and size.
How do you put a watermark on multiple pictures?
You can merge photos into one massive document with our solution and add watermarks to every page with one click. No matter how many images you want to edit, it takes less than a minute.
How do I watermark my photos in Windows 10?
Visit our web-based platform and upload your image. Regardless of your operating system, you can insert a watermark in a click and save it.
How do I watermark my photos without Photoshop?
Try ou our solution to add watermarks. Upload your documents and open them in the editor. After saving, you can download your pictures in a snap.
How do I make a transparent watermark?
Our platform lets you change all watermark settings. This means that you can adjust the opacity, size, and orientation of the mark without leaving the page.