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What Is Something You Believe Should Be Common Knowledge?

Everything is marketing.

Watermark PDF: All You Need to Know

All advertising is marketing. You do not have to be a scientist to realize that. People want to be happy, and people want to be successful, but they want to be successful in a creative way. And that is why marketers spend their whole lives thinking about how to get them to succeed. Now let's look at the real world. Now you would be crazy to go see the movie The Social Network, and you would be crazy to see The Rock do it. (laughs) I think if the Rock took this role, he would be laughed at by everyone. You wouldn't believe it. You know, you saw The Rock in the film, and it was like he was wearing a bulletproof vest. He was perfect! He is perfect as The Rock. Furthermore, he can't act like Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks can't act like The Rock. And it was a little.

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