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Documents are an organisation’s unsung heroes, t hold all the important data of an organisation, the invoices, agreements, important PPTs, etc, all these together make up the 'Documents' of an organisation. However important these documents are, the difficulty in managing these documents is just the same. The management of documents in physical form takes up huge space, incurs large costs and wastes a lot of time, that is why it is important to utilize the advance technology, and Replace the traditional paperwork with a systematic Document Management Solution. Converge infoservices offers an intuitive web solution for a DMS, Scanous. It is a document scanning mobile app, which is integrated with OCR (Optical Character Reader) technology. OCR immediately recognizes text from the image, and lets you convert image into text document, categorize documents with tags and commences search of documents with tags and texts. Scanous endorses permanent preservation of documents, until you decide to get rid of them, thus the retrievability of all the documents increases, basically, Scanous answers all your challenges that you face while managing documents in your organisation.

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A powerful and easy to use tool, which can automate your organization for the maximum success, a DMS enables you to manage, archive and organize all the information and data in your organization — regardless of which type of information or data it is — in a consistent and structured manner, making your life easier. With a DMS system you can manage files with great efficiency, create, store, retrieve, share and collaborate with other organization members, or other users on the Net, with a variety of file types. A DMS can be used to keep track of your organization's work, or you could integrate a DMS into a website or an application. The information on this article is from the most authoritative and widely used publication in the field and is used with permission from the author. Converge Info Software is a company founded in 2003. Its first venture.

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