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I work in online communications and I get this question all the time! Basically, in most countries, you’re going to need permission to send marketing and mass emails to someone. If you’re using a provider to do it, t’ll insist that you have this permission. There’s also the temptation to source emails through purchased lists or to make educated guesses on what the email address could be. Avoid doing this at all costs. List purchase might seem attractive, but in some countries it is illegal and it WILL have an impact on your sender reputation, meaning you’ll have trouble sending emails to your audience in the future. I’d recommend setting up an opt-in form on your site, app and at point of purchase if you’re a physical store / business and build a list of people that want to hear from you.

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And I don't want it to be hard for the community so there has to be an easier way, right? That's true, but it doesn't have to be that hard. I understand what developers want in a bot, so for example I have a simple function for sending messages based on location that runs off a simple API that returns the latitude and longitude coordinates within a 15-minute range. I have not implemented the entire system, but I have at least the base functionality and if people use it and have a problem with it then I don't understand why they would still use the service. Is there a reason for not creating a bot that isn't a full implementation of your own? Probably not if you create your own library you can implement your own things for. You should have access to an API if you want to create something like this,.

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