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I Have A PDF How To Watermark It Using An App?

The PDF, by its nature, is a read-only format. Yeah, you got the Watermark On Pdf that allows you to modify it, etc.; and the Reader allows for some markup, but it was initially designed to be a global standard for read-only documents and/or digital forms that you can fill out. As such, people don’t create documents in PDF — t create them in some other app (MS Word, Apple Pages, etc.) and then export them to PDF to be readable on any device. So what you need to do is add the watermark to your document in your designer app, and then export it to PDF together with the watermark. If you don’t have access to the source document, only the PDF — then chances are you are not the creator of that PDF, so you don’t really have any right to add a watermark to it. The above holds true for Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.

Watermark PDF: All You Need to Know

So far, the Watermark on PDF is only for creating read-only files of PDF (not PDF e-books, and not PDF documents for print, although there are many others), and it is only for read-only files. You don't need to have a PDF Reader for doing your PDF editing. I think you need a PDF Reader for converting PDF into other formats and for reading the PDF while it is being edited, but if you only have a PDF Reader app (as most people do), that's fine. In any case, it is not that important to you because you can still do your PDF editing with any kind of PDF editor app, such as Open-Xchange, or Mac's own version of the “PDF Expert” (I'm working on changing that).

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