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How Long Does It Take To Start Getting Reviews On Amazon For A Book?

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How Long Does It Take To Start Getting Reviews On Amazon For A Book?

You are. I think, talking about the Amazon Vine scheme. I am Vine Reviewer - I have a list of products I can request for review, including a substantial number of books. Vine membership is invitation only. You cannot apply to be a Vine member. So what can you do to gain an invitation? You have to be a “Top Reviewer”. (This status also means that from time to time publishers and companies might contact you directly for reviews.) To achieve this status, you have to write reviews that are associated with your Amazon account - and therefore your email address. So - write reviews. Spend time on crafting honest and detailed reviews that will be helpful to other readers. Be honest. Don’t give negative criticism without explaining carefully the reasons for your comments. Be prepared to acknowledge positives in a product for which you are writing a negative review - and vice-versa for positive reviews. Don’t be afraid to give 5 star or 1 star reviews. BUT - remember that many people discount the best and worst reviews. If a great product has a flaw, it is not a 5 star review. If you don’t like a product but can see it might work for other people, don’t give a 1 star review. If someone asks a question about a product you have reviewed, you will receive an Amazon email with the question. If you can, answer it. This will increase your profile. (If you can’t, ignore it - don’t reply “I don’t know”.) Include, if you can, pictures or videos with your review. (This is not really applicable to books - but don’t limit your reviews to books.) Add value to your review! If a person makes a negative comment on a review - be polite. Don’t get drawn in to a fight. If t are right, say so and apologise gracefully. If t are wrong, explain why tactfully and respectfully - and move on. Don’t review a product you have not used. That is both dishonest and likely to result in you being sanctioned. On the other hand, review all products you buy directly from Amazon. Your review gains a prestigious “verified purchase” endorsement. Finally - do not accept payment for a review from an Amazon seller. This could result in you being banned. If you are approached in this way, report it immediately to Amazon. And if you are offered a free or discounted product i exchange for a fair review, say so at the beginning of your review. And don’t let the offer influence your rating. HTH! Recently, Amazon have changed their T&C for review products, and fewer are being offered. But small companies especially still want honest reviews - it’s their life-blood. Amazon.co.uk - Amazon Vine Programme

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And please note: In addition to the links you will see on the right-hand side of the 'What will I get?' page, there you will find the option to email me for any further questions.) The Tics below are based on our experience. Amazon.co.UK — Amazon Vine Program. Thank you again for taking the time to visit our site, we really appreciate any feedback you may have. We always welcome more customers, more visitors and higher ratings. We have just made some updates to our Amazon Vine program to increase the quality of review submissions. To begin the submission process please email us your Amazon Web store Product Description (link in your product summary page) along with a picture or two. Please DO NOT upload any images to the Amazon Vine Program website. We want to see a nice picture, not a JPEG — so upload one to a.

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