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How Do You Add Bookmarks To A Watermarked Secured PDF Ebook?

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How Do You Add Bookmarks To A Watermarked Secured PDF Ebook?

No, but I know a programmer who could make you a script/api that would do that if you guaranteed enough revenue business to justify it.

Watermark PDF: All You Need to Know

So yeah, if I got something on someone's computer that I believe is infringing, then I am going to give the person a chance to change that with a DMCA takedown notice. If a DMCA notice goes beyond what I can handle, and goes into the courts, then I am prepared to go to court with that court document to have that person to be given the benefit of the doubt. It is all about balance. However, you want to go about it, as long as you follow the principles of intellectual property you are being compliant. Do I believe it is my right to use this type of mark anywhere? I am sure the answer is no, but I don't want to give away anyone's legal strategy based on who donated it. Just remember that when you donate a thing, you are not giving legal rights to that thing..

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