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Does The Public Have A Right To See Every Member Of Congress’ Tax?

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Does The Public Have A Right To See Every Member Of Congress’ Tax?

Reviewed by the unbiased Democrat House of Representatives? Are you kidding? Democrats would form committees and start another investigation. Probably line up another special council? How about Avenatti? Trump’s tax returns are way too complex for the average American to understand. Democrats would make up new fake crimes, and off we would go again, right into the 2020 elections. We have a whole section of government called the IRS that goes over his taxes every year with a fine tooth comb. All billionaires are targets for the IRS. T can do the least amount of work for the highest potential return. If there were any fraud in his returns the IRS would let you know real quick. Trump would be crazy to release his taxes after the Russia collusion fiasco. Can you imagine what CNN and MSNBC would be spouting? Democrats will just have to come up with another fraudulent investigation because his taxes aren’t going to be released. So don’t hold your breath on this one.

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I am getting tired of this, this was the best I can do. Democrats know they can never win again even with a Democrat in office. As long ago as July 13, 2016, the Washington Times reported this, WASHINGTON — President Trump said he has done far more for veterans than anyone else in history, and now he wants the tax laws changed, so he can make his campaign promises official, his advisers said. “He and I are working on an executive order on this,” Mr. Trump said in an interview Monday with “Fox & Friends,” in which he also called himself “the least anti-immigrant, anti-trade general election candidate that anybody has ever seen.” “It will be one of the great executive orders of all time,” the president added. He said he would announce that executive order next week. The president said his team has been working.

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