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Do I Have To Use A Paid Program To Add A Watermark To My PDF File?

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Do I Have To Use A Paid Program To Add A Watermark To My PDF File?

In order to prevent counterfeiting of the PDF documents, adding a watermark is the best thing to do. You can make use of a software program like Wondershare PDFelement for applying watermark to all the pages of single or multiple PDF documents. So, let us learn in the following steps how to add watermark to PDF on Mac. Install and launch PDFelement on your Mac computer first. Now make use of “Open File” link to select and upload the PDF file to which you want to add a watermark. Once the PDF file is uploaded and open, simply go to “Tool” tab and choose "Add or Edit Watermark" by clicking on “Watermark” icon. A popup will appear where you need to click on “+” icon to select the type of watermark you want to add. Choose appropriate watermark type which will open the window for creating/uploading the watermark. Use the appropriate options to create/upload the watermark and click “Save”. Finally click on “Apply” button and you will see the watermark will be applied to all the pages of the PDF. You can then save the PDF file using “Save” or “Save as” option available under “File” menu. Repeat the process for other PDF files or use the batch process option.

Watermark PDF: All You Need to Know

So what can you do instead? As mentioned before, you are in full control of the document. Your PDF creator has nothing to do with the document, so you can customize it however you want. For instance, you could even create a PDF that doesn't use the watermark at all, and have others download it and view your custom-rendered PDF without any watermark. In the end, the final PDF will be your own. If you don't want to add a watermark at all, you can even create a PDF that has watermarks in it for certain languages (English, French). This is one of the most popular (and free) PDF tools in the world. You simply upload your document, and it creates a PDF with your file embedded inside. It's very easy to do in both Mac and PC, and then your PDF created will be readable anywhere. I will be.

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