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Watermark Not Printing In PDF: What You Should Know

And then you get an error message. Please try printing again by opening a new page. Problem: When watermark is turned on, the PDF will not print because the watermark appears in Print window instead of in the PDF. This means the watermark is not shown in the print preview, but in the PDF. Any idea how to solve this? June 13, 2018, This is a good question, and I tried many solutions, but nothing worked. As you can see, the watermark does not print in PDFs. Watermark not showing in PDFs Here is the answer, I've read that you should add a watermark by clicking on it first, for example by typing oh on the PDF page.  May 16, 2009, The default watermark shown is a simple watermark to show that the PDF is being processed. It looks like “Welcome to Microsoft PDF Help.” If you want something more elaborate, you can copy the watermark of another document and paste it into the PDF file. Watermark issues: I got another question with watermark on .doc and no watermark on .xls file. Here's an example: PDF Issue — What's this, and how can I fix it? Aug 01, 2024 — Here's a link that may help. However, it doesn't work for me. It was made for Mac, but it doesn't work for me on Linux, Feb 07, 2024 — I have a question that doesn't seem to be answered on this Wiki, so I'll answer in my own words: I use the free Adobe Acrobat suite and have a problem with PDF watermarks. You can set a watermark in the PDF export, and it will stay with the PDF. But when you save a PDF, the watermark remains in the PDF. Why? I don't see a watermark when I open the PDF, but it works when I print. Jan 03, 2024 — I created a document in PDF to be used for a teaching class with an accompanying PDF as reference. The student scanned one copy of the original file and turned the watermark on, but the other copy had it turned off.

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