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How Do I Add An Image To A Label In Word: What You Should Know

For more information, see Creating Label Images. This article will look at what you are editing. This article will not cover how to create the text label. Create a caption — Quora (I) First, make sure you have a copy of the image, such as using the screenshot tool. You can use screenshot.exe. Then click on File> Save Picture. A text label appears. We'll start by using the text label. Go to Insert > Text and make sure the label is hidden. You will then see the word “Title” in the label: Next, we want to paste this caption text onto the label. Select the caption and drag from the picture as shown below: You can now click on the caption to access the dialog for making your caption available, as shown below: Click on your picture to add the caption. You will see the picture in the dialog window. It will appear to be a picture. Click in the top-right corner of the image to make it the active one: Click on Create on the bottom right of the dialog to create the caption. You can adjust the text size using the control on this image. There are two types of labels, such as in the picture below. You can create these two types of labels in the same way as before. Create the Text Label You'll notice your label is gray, and we have nothing written on the label for the title. We need to change that. For more info on the Caption box, see Caption Box. First, use the control to turn the text background color blue by clicking on the Color tab. Now click on the Text tab. Select the color you just created: Then click on the Edit button on the bottom right. After you're finished editing, you will see something like the following: Make sure you adjust the text as shown to make your caption visible. You can place your text as many times below the picture as you'd like. You also can make your caption in more areas of the picture (and lower or higher up as you wish in Word). The caption can also be used as a link to click at the end of your documents or spreadsheets. Save the document as a PDF. It may be easier for you to add this caption image as a button to your text.

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