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Position Watermark In Word: What You Should Know

How to Place a Watermark in a Page Right-click a page, click the watermark icon in the toolbar, click Select Watermark Figure 12. Using the mouse to reposition an object in the page. To modify the location of an image watermark, open the image from Word and click the watermark icon in the toolbar. Click, hold, and drag the top corner of the image. To reposition a watermark in the text of a document, you must select it in the text edit mode to edit it. Click, hold, and drag the arrow buttons on the top corner of the watermark to move it to the position you want. Figure 13. Moving an image watermark in an active page. You can also reposition a watermark on the page in which it currently resides by going to the page, clicking in the Watermark field, and then double-clicking on the watermark. You can also adjust the position of a watermark using the drop-down menu in the toolbar. Figure 14.

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