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Watermark Not Showing In Word: What You Should Know

In some circumstances, when the document has been opened for editing, and you have opened Word's Save As mode. You may encounter that if you have the watermark in your documents folder: You can always remove or hide the watermark by following the steps below. If you have more than one folder with watermarks (watermarks in multiple folders), you'll need to copy them into the same folder. Here is the link to how to do this. Here is a link with a sample watermark that is ready to be added to your document:  You're just going to need to set a watermark background color, and place it so the logo or the same watermark is visible as soon as the document is opened. Once you've done this you should be all set to print. Hope this helps! This is a copy of a tip with much more in-depth information. If you want to dig deeper into the tips provided, try this. Here are some other tips to help you use Word to deliver great products: Use the Add a watermark section of the Edit menu and use watermarks to personalize your documents Choose a color from the list on the Font tab of the Appearance Preferences dialog box Add a watermark by right-clicking and choosing To add a Watermark (it's just a click of the “Add” button on your keyboard) Add your own Watermark with this post on how Create an Image Now that you know how to use watermark templates, how do you like to use watermarks to personalize, design new products? In case you're like me, an artist in training, you love to make things. You want to use designs, watermark templates, or just create some watermarks in different color ways. So I have some ideal articles and resources that will help you accomplish any goal you set.  My favorite post to start with is this one. This has everything you need to know to use your templates for any purpose. When creating a design, I love using a watermark template (like the one shown in this tip). To use them, click Create a Print Layout on the Layout tab of Word, then on the Edit tab choose the print layout from the drop-down box.

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