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How To Make A Picture A Watermark In Word 2016: What You Should Know

How to Insert a Watermark in Word 2024 — Microsoft Support Click Custom Watermark in the Page Background group by the bottom line of the Edit Page dialog box. Customization options include: You can choose to have a small watermark (with or without border) that you can place anywhere on your page; you can also set up a font to display the watermark; You can change the size and placement of your watermark (including the borders); a watermark color can be changed to any color you choose, or the watermark can be displayed as a text overlay; Select an Image. Select the image you want from the image drop-down; and click OK. How to Insert a Watermark in Word 2024 — Dummies In the Page Background group located in the Editing pane, expand Word's design area, hover over the watermark with the arrow-pointer in the center of the watermark display and select Custom Watermark from the shortcut menu. Customization options within  How to Add a Watermark in OneNote — Microsoft Support How to Insert a Watermark in OneNote on iPhone and iPad Tap the paper, Tap + to bring up the watermark tool, Tap the Watermark icon to set the watermark that will replace the text below the text. Or tap and hold on the text. Tap Text Overlay on the top bar to choose an overlay that you would like to display as the “text” below the text. Tap Add to add the overlay.

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