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Watermark Not Showing On All Pages: What You Should Know

Click Design > Watermark, and  3. Choose to mark on the Pages with an object anchor, or select the page you want to apply Watermarking. 4. The Watermark appears on the Page that you click on, so you can remove the watermark from the page If you are only applying watermark on some pages, you can add Watermarking to all pages by using section breaks  Feb 28, 2024 — Watermark on only some pages not always applied — MSN July 24, 2024 — The watermark is very helpful, if applied carefully on the same spot, like with a word or article and the article title, which is not separated by a paragraph line break. July 29, 2024 — Make sure that the watermark is applied to only the first page of the document, so you don't have to scroll. August 25, 2024 — When an image contains watermark, you should not just insert the watermark at the bottom of the image, it is better to add the watermark to the right side of the image as in the image below Aug 26, 2024 — An image with a watermark doesn't always apply watermark to all pages in document, but sometimes it does; see the image below where the watermark is applied Aug 27, 2024 — The following two images with watermark apply watermark in all pages, where the image with a watermark is  Sep 10, 2024 — Watermark applied to first page of a text document but not to all pages Dec 12, 2024 — You can add the “Include watermark on other pages” checkbox to have the watermark apply to all pages. May 29, 2024 — When selecting a watermark, you can't see it in context of other objects in the document. Use the dropdown, 'Other Objects' to be able to see the watermark May 30, 2024 — Watermarks should not be added when the document is using more than one font.  Jan 1, 2024 — Watermark should NOT be added when the document is using more than one font. Jan 23, 2024 — Watermark on the page is not there even when you click the page dropdown (the watermark does not appear or the document is saved but with the watermark).

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