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How To Make An Image A Background In Pages: What You Should Know

Choose From Images at the top of the popup menu. · Click OK and then Apply to the master page. Add a master object or choose an image to be background in Pages on Mac — Apple Support Click Options, then the background tab. Click the Object layer, then click Create Background Object at the top menu. You can edit the dimensions, and click Upload. Click OK. Open Pages (Pages for Mac) and click the Master Pages tab. Click the Background layer and click Add Background Layer, where you can select a shape from your computer or choose an image from a file. Create the background layer at any time in Pages — Microsoft Help There's also a video called How to use the Background features in Apple Pages. Change the page background in Pages on Mac — Pages for mac Help You can also change and view pages' pages backgrounds in the new Apple Pages on Mac. To edit and view a page, click on the current or previous page and click on the Background layer. The image changes instantly, and there are controls to control it and change the colors, gradient and background fill colors that are applied. To save the background as an image, select File > Save Background To File. To edit the background of your page, click the Edit tab once you've selected the desired background layer, then click the Edit Background button in the toolbar. (I think this has no options for changing the opacity, which is a feature of the Background pop-up menu.) In the background layer's inspector, make changes for opacity, color, and fill before you save. Make a color overlay, or other objects to be the background on your page's pages (and save it) in the Image fill section. You can even change the background image on pages as you edit them — simply change its image type (JPEG, GIF, or PNG), and add to or edit its image by using the Image Fill pop-up menu. Use the Background feature in Apple Pages does not require users to click to view pages or any other actions in order for background images to be shown on a screen or printed. Many people do view pages while the page is showing, and in those circumstances background images show with no delay. To view images with the background feature of your pages, use the page background of a page to create background images for pages that you're working on.

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