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Add Background To PDF Online: What You Should Know

How to Add a Background Color to PDF: It really depends on the page you are editing and the application you are using to edit it. In an e-Reader, the page background will be automatically added to the page. Then you must select 'Add Background' and choose the background color. In a Graphics Editor, you can select a background color for the page as indicated in the dialog box.  In Adobe Reader 9 and above (which you can download here), you can simply highlight the page, choose 'Edit PDF' and then click 'Save Background as' button to save the background to the selected page color. How to Make an Adjustment: A color adjustment can be made to the displayed page using the 'Page Background Color ‐ Adjust ‐ Page' command. This command will modify the selected color of the current page to be a different color, so it can be displayed a different way in this document. Example: Color to Brighten Red Page : Use the “Page Background Color ‐ Adjust ‐ Page” command, and select the following color: #b7aae5. Color to Desaturate Blue Page : For the following color: #817b9d. Example: Color to Darken Purple Page: Use the “Page Background Color ‐ Adjust ‐ Page” command, and select the following color: #c0d1e6. The result would be that the current color of the page will become black and the page background color will take over to the purple color. Example : If you have a green background for a specific page, and you want to lighten it up, simply select the green color to be a different color and then click “Page Background Color ‐ Adjust ‐ Page” and then the “Page Background Color ‐ Select Colors” text (this command is located in toolbar) and select the color green in green color in blue background (from color wheel of the color wheel). Note that a page change can be modified using an Edit PDF command. Just select another page number and click “Edit PDF”. The results can be saved to the file using the ‣ Save Page Background ‣ option that is found in toolbar. The effect is to darken the selected color in your document.

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