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PDFkit Nodejs Example: What You Should Know

Extension as it gives a good chance to save your pages using it. It is a good  extension for saving your web page as a PDF file if you have one. 2. Another excellent extension that lets you convert a Word document to PDF. It helps you save the Word document into a PDF file at any URL of your choice. 3. Adobe Acrobat Reader For all the PDF files that need to be converted, Adobe Acrobat Reader  It is a powerful software that can be called as one of the best PDF reader extensions for Windows. The plugin gives you complete control of a PDF document. All you need to do is install it in Windows PC before converting a document. It works on both PC and Mac. 1. Chrome Extension To Convert PDF Web Pages to PDF In Chrome Browser How to Convert Your PDF to a Webpage in Chrome? In Chrome, we can open Google Chrome and click on “More” link on top. It opens a new area which allows us to add a new extension. If we add the “PDF Converter” extension to Chrome, we can convert PDF documents to web page in a simple to do: It opens a new field where we can choose a filename, web title and we burl. After clicking “Save” button, the convert will start, and you will get a result as image PDF.

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