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Remove Watermark From PDF Python: What You Should Know

In a PDF, which has the potential to be copied and distributed. This is undesirable and will often result in a lawsuit. Paranoia can help to identify those annotations. If detected, the annotations will be removed before they are sent to the publisher. Paranoia has an intuitive UI, which is similar to the one of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download the latest package here: Paranoia can also read embedded images, such as PDF images embedded in other applications. How it works Paranoia can be run on the local machine as well as a remote URL. Here's how it works and how this tool can be used to remove watermark image from PDF: Paranoia can read embedded images. Its UI is like Adobe Acrobat Reader and is very intuitive, similar to Acrobat Reader. Paranoia can remove watermark, if detected. Here's how: 1. Open the PDF2image application 3. Check the option “Remove/Fix Watermark” 4. Select the scanned area on your PC 5. Select the “Paranoia→Fix All” option, then the “Process Result” button, then click OK Paranoia can recognize embedded images, but its work is not 100%. Sometimes images are not detected as much as they should be. It is quite common, that the watermark image is masked. Therefore, the scanner does not make visible the watermark image at all. However, the image might be recognized at the very least, when trying to read the embedded PDF. The image is processed from a PDF file. So we can use one of the tools listed above to detect this. Here's how it works, and how it's used in this tutorial. 1. Install pdftotext 4. Check the option “Set watermark” 5. Click on the Detection button, and the result should be shown: That's it! You should now be able to see the Watermark removed from every page of your PDF. If you find this tool useful, please share.

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