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Repeating Watermark In Word: What You Should Know

I read that using watermark from Microsoft Word can take up to 6 MB? (I know I did, right now my account is getting a big warning message saying there is one megabyte of data  in the file) — Microsoft Support 3. A watermark can take up to 3 megabytes per file. However, this is not limited to file sizes. For example, watermarks for multiple documents may be stored in a single file and the total size will be a combination of the file sizes  of each file. So, if the files all are 300 MB, only 3 megabytes of data will be included in the watermark file. If you're having trouble with a watermark file size you're sharing, check out our FAQ. Also, make sure you're following our Twitter feed WordTutorials. It says the watermark doesn't work because my document is in .doc format? It might work for some documents, but it doesn't mean that you're not getting the watermark on your documents you've imported. We'll need .doc format to import into Word. How to change the template for your watermark or to have the watermark appear in different places on the page? You can find templates in the Templates section in Word. What font size should the watermark be set to? In Word, the default font size is 12 and the default text size is 16. You can change either one of these settings.

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