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How To Remove Non Standard Watermark: What You Should Know

How to Remove a Watermark in PDF Reader As mentioned above, these watermarks will also remove on other PDF files. To remove them, go to the Tools tab, find the watermark you want to remove in this instance and click edit. In the pop-up window, click Edit. The watermark will be highlighted in bold. Click Set as default. Click OK.  How to Remove Google Ad Block This is a tricky one because you need Acrobat to show you the watermark, and also Acrobat to show you the ad banner. Open Acrobat Reader in a separate window and launch it as a separate application (you should click on Open at the top of the Acrobat menu to do this). Go to the Tools tab as before and select Edit PDF. In the pop-up window, click on Customize PDF.  Click Show Ad Banner. The ad banner should appear. In the pop-up window, click here to hide the watermark and click Show Ad Banner again. The watermark will now be transparent.  How to Remove Watermark from PDF in Acrobat, go to the Tools tab and open the PDF with the watermark you desire to remove. Click Edit PDF. This time you can choose from the options shown above: Remove Watermark, Block, or Hide. Click Save. The watermark will no longer be visible. If the watermark is part of a larger document on your computer, select the watermark you want to remove from the Acrobat application, then choose Open File in the window that appears. Once you have done that, the watermark should be gone! How to Remove a Watermark on PDF Formatted Text To remove a watermark, click edit in Acrobat, and then click Remove Watermark. The watermark should be transparent.  How to Remove Ad Block Ads from a Word Document From the Documents menu, click Open, then choose Text Document. Go to the bottom of the Document window and click on the “Edit” tab. Under Ad banner for, click on Remove. Or, from the Tools tab in Acrobat, click Edit Document and select your Word document you want the Ad Block to block. Click Save. How to Remove Watermark on PDF Formatted Text To show or hide watermarks from a Word document, follow the same steps as above.

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