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Apowersoft Online Watermark Remover: What You Should Know

Fix: To resolve the issue of No PDF file was created because Adobe Acrobat encountered an unknown error, make the following changes: Adobe Acrobat 9.x: Do not close documents until after Adobe Acrobat application is closed (Adobe Acrobat DC Encountered an Unknown Error) Fix: If Adobe Acrobat DC encounters an unknown error, please follow the steps below: 1. Make sure that Adobe Acrobat DC is closed (Open Acrobat with Windows — Options > Check for Update or Close. 2. To start Adobe Acrobat, click on ‹Preferences ‹ then scroll down to ‹Preferences ‹ and click ‹Start Adobe Acrobat›. 3. If Adobe Acrobat DC reports an unknown error, please follow the steps below: · Close Adobe Acrobat before the application is used again. · Make sure that your computer does not have any previous versions of Adobe Acrobat. · If you are not using Adobe PDF Reader 6.8, make sure that Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is closed before the application is used again. 7. When the user tries to combine documents from different directories into a single PDF, adobe Acrobat Encountered an Unknown Error›; 6. When a document is deleted and Adobe Acrobat DC encounters an unknown error in a document, unable to open file›; 5. When a link to Adobe PDF Reader is clicked while Adobe Acrobat DC encountered an uncertain error, error on opening PDF›; 4. When a PDF is opened for the first time and Adobe Acrobat encounters an unknown error, acrobat Reader DC Error ›; 1. ‹Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Encountered an Unknown Error› is the first error that an experienced Adobe Acrobat Reader DC can encounter on a Windows or Macintosh computer. 2. Use the steps below to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. 1. Please open Adobe Acrobat DC, then click on the ‹Preferences ‹ tab, and go to the ‹General ‹ category. 2. Click on the ‹Preferences ‹ button to display a list of ‹System ‹ applications. 3. Click on ‹Adobe Acrobat DC ‹ to display the ‹Adobe Acrobat DC ‹ system. 4.

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