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Creating A Signature Watermark: What You Should Know

Signature Watermark Tutorial For Beginners Learn how to draw your signature using a pen and watercolor and get started with a logo, watermark, signature or other image. My Name is [name] watermark tutorial Learn how to create a free watermark sign using a font and design, and a few simple words. Using free fonts and logo design is a great way to get the word out about your business. You can find them all right here. Signing your name, company or other  Create Your Own Sign or Signature Using Your Smartphone. 1. Take a picture of your name. If you don't have one, get one. I did use Photoshop to transfer my picture into a watermark. 2. Save that picture as a high resolution file. I used 600dpi and it looks great with watermark. 3. Open the image in photoshop. 4. Right-click on the image and choose “open in new window.” 5. In the new window, choose your file format “JPG” with a quality of about 30. 6. Save the file as a JPG. 7. Now go to photoshop and open an old picture with your name. 8. Delete every other piece of detail from the picture. 9. Go in Photoshop again and delete everything outside your name. 11. Go back into window. Click “Layer” and choose “new” from the menu. 12. Choose “fill color” and choose the color your want. 13. Make a new layer, and give it the name “My Name.” 14. Choose the layer “Blend Options,” and choose “Overlay.” 15. Change the blending mode from “Screen to Overlay” to “Overlay. 17. Repeat steps 15-12 for the second picture. 18. The final image should look something like this. 19. Open your photoshop again and open the same image. Save as a JPG image. Keep in mind to not change color or text of image in watermark, just go with the white color. 20. Now that the image is converted it can go on any site with the watermark. 21. Use a software for making a watermark such as worm.

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