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What are some of the main things I need to know before starting on Amazon FBA?
Now that you've read your Amazon seller agreement and associated policies and gelines we want to give you additional information that is key to selling successfully on Amazon. We find that new sellers on Amazon often bring with them their experiences with other selling services and assume that all seller services work the same. They might think that there's no need to pay much attention to the details in your seller agreement and the program policies and gelines. As a result we receivemunications from sellers that begin with I didn't know I was supposed to.... We don't want you to find yourself in that position so we are presenting you with some of the things that are mostmonly overlooked by new sellers. Things to know When registering as a seller on Amazon you create a single seller account for your business. Important Operating and maintaining multiple seller accounts is prohibited. You can help build customer trust in your business by providing clear and detailed information about your policies. Take into account that your return policies must be at least as favorable to buyers as Amazon return policies. See the Customer service section at the bottom of this page for more information. Things to do Provide the business name that will be displayed on Amazon so that customers remember yourpany. Make sure your business contact information is current (email and phone number if available) so that we can contact you if necessary. Keep credit card and bank account information current for payments and settlements. Provide shipping and return policies to help build customer trust. Describe any gift messaging and gift wrap services that you might offer. Upload your logo to your seller account your storefront logo and details must be specific to the product itself not to any individual product or seller promotions. Set up your shipping rates sale pricing and promotions in Seller Central; don't include any of this information in your product listing details. Your seller agreement requires that your product price and other Amazon offer terms must be the same or better than the same product offering on your other online sales channels. Things to do Product titles Provide information about the specific product only. Keep it short but include critical information. 1 characters maximum. Start with the product brand where appropriate and not the seller. Include a model number when available. Use only (no HTML formatting). Pay attention to correct capitalization. Use numerals (2 instead of two). Images Show only the product that is for sale with no accessories what the buyer will actually receive. Use a pure white background (RGB values of 255255255). Provide area. The that show for example people using the product. A single s are not allowed. Borders watermarks URLs seller logo or name on the images. Nudity. Mannequins. Line drawings or artistic representations. Customer orders Things to know When you set up your seller account you'll find information about shipping expectations that you should integrate into your order and fulfillment processes. You are also required to confirm to Amazon after shipping your orders. This enables us to inform customers about their order progress and charge their payment method for the purchase. You must confirm to Amazon that you have shipped the product to be able to receive payment. This confirmation will also trigger Amazon's shipment confirmation email to the customer and will set the expectation for the estimated delivery date. You are required to ship media products (books music DVD and video) within 2 business days. Non-media products must be shipped by the shipping availability date you specify. Things to do Review your default shipping settings and customize them to fit your fulfillment model. Check your seller account daily for new orders. Schedule order reports to track orders and order information. Things to avoid Including any marketing or promotional materials within the packing materials. Relying only on email notification emails can get lost or be deleted. Customer service Things to know Amazon's return policies allow for the return of new unopened items within 3 days of delivery for a full refund. You are required to accept those returns and provide a refund in accordance with the Amazon Returns Policy. For more information see About Our Returns Policies s . Amazon will provide all the order and shipping emails to customers; you must not send order or shipment confirmation emails. This is to avoid conflicting messaging or confusion for the customer. Remember that selling on Amazon requires lessmunication by you to customers since much of the processmunication is handled by Amazon. You must not market or advertise to Amazon customers nor divert them in any way from the Amazon sales process. You should follow this even during permittedmunications such as when responding to buyer inquiries about your products or their orders. Things to do Fulfill all orders within the promised lead time and shipping windows and ship exactly what you listed for sale. Clearly ex your shipping return and refund policies and processes along with other pertinent information. Do not sendmunications to customers other than as necessary for order fulfilment and related customer service. Respond promptly to buyer questions about the status of their order. Note that customers havee to expect the same level of customer service from sellers that they receive from Amazon. If you don't meet that standard you may have to deal with some unsatisfied customers. Be courteous and patient with customers when they request information returns or refunds. Things to avoid Bribing customers for positive feedback. Using customermunications for marketing purposes or directing buyers to your own website or a third-party website in your emails. Article source What you need to know to sell on Amazon s
Which programs are best for automated conversion of PDFs into Excel files?
For automated file conversion I rmend checking out PDF SDK s by Kdan Mobile - with this app it possible to convert not just PDFs to Excel but to many other formats such as Microsoft Word HTML s for added security. This app works well when ites to file conversion editing and sharing your files and any other work you have to perform when ites to working with PDFs. Disclaimer I am part of Kdan team and my answers might be a bit biased.
What's the best free alternative to Omnigraffle?
I don't normally write on the internet but my favourite app at the moment wasn't mentioned at all. Give this one a go and if you have basic needs like me -- and you really really value your time and productivity -- you won't look back. I researched this topic because Visio has a mind of its own (with its rerouting nonsense on moreplex diagrams) so I tried gliffy creately lucidchart and looked at shapesapp. Other useful facts. The ability to offset below a shape without having to create and fiddle with a second shape is part of a $1 premium extra in omni graffle but the entire diagramming product is free in and this feature is easier to use in . Save time finding pretty colours. Microsoft already found some nice ones here in Power BI. Microsoft Power BI Color Reference s Omni graffle has a really sweet eye dropper tool for selecting colours from anywhere on your current screen nothing like that in . Get used to working with points because there are no other units of measure in . 1 point = 1 of an inch. I'm used to working with mm I know. 1 mm is about 3 pts. Switch to the Atlas UI in it makes it more pleasant to work in it really should be the default. If you export the diagram to PNG format it actually cleverly s the entire diagram data in the PNG file so that means you can edit the diagram again if you need to using only the PNG file. The underlying diagram data is stored as human readable XML if you're into that sort of thing. It's even editable. It works quite well on a touch device too. I don't think it'spletely there yet but it's good enough for tweaks. Some nice shortcuts are - Up down left right. Move things 1 point at a time. Hold shift and move things by 1 configurable grid size at a time. - Shift click multiple objects and you can align them relative to the first object that you clicked. Ie left right centre etc. Edit the object position specs on multiple objects if you want. Ie punch in numbers for x and y positions etc. Hit escape to get out of web dialogue boxes. - Control shift G frequently to show and hide the grid.
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