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How To Remove Watermark From Scanned PDF: What You Should Know

Remove Watermark from PDF on PC with Photoshop or CorelDRAW There are many online tools that can remove a watermark from a PDF, but how do you know which one to install, or which is the best tool for you? Read this article: Watermark Removal with Photoshop/CorelDRAW. Remove Watermark from PDF with MS-Word This method of removing a watermark from a scanned PDF using MS-Word requires the reader to know the watermark that's too erased. A common mistake people make when looking online for such a method is that it's not available for all printers that can print PDFs. The other important thing is that you also need to have Adobe Reader for your computer. Learn more to remove the watermark from scanned PDF here: PDF Scanning Software for Free Remove Watermark From PDF with Adobe Imagery Get Adobe Imagery and then select “Watermark” from the watermark” drop-down list. When the watermark is selected, the watermark will be transferred to the reader's clipboard, and all changes will be applied immediately to the reader. A watermark can be removed from a PDF with all the tools available with the help of Adobe PDF Reader. Learn about Adobe PDF Reader. Watermark Removal By Google Chrome After you installed Chrome on your PC, you can find the watermark on all documents that you open. To remove the watermark, the following methods are recommended: 1. Open Google Chrome and go to chrome ‒> Advanced ‒ Watermarks ‒ Unmask Watermarks. 2. Click on the Watermark button and select remove Watermark. 3. Repeat step 2 for all documents, and you can even click on all Watermarks on the toolbar (it is located just on the right margin). 4. Once your process is finished, you will have removed the watermark from all scanned PDFs. Watermark Removal with Bleach To remove a watermark from a PDF with Bleach, first ensure that the document has not already been opened before using this method. Open a PDF file and press the menu button before you click create Document. Select settings in the bottom toolbar and ensure that you have selected the option to Save the document in Preview. Select save as PDF under the save As section.

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