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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing water mark in ms word


How can I remove the CamScanner watermark without upgrading it?
To remove the watermark is very simple and easyYou just need to install one app called s which you want to convert in pdf. -nowhere you will an option of saving to gallery. Tap here. Now open img2pdf app which u have installed. From there select those s with no watermark in camscanner then click here Trick | Make pdf without watermark | 2 MB of cloud storage* (s . s
Which is the best PDF-to-Word converter for a large PDF?
A large file conversion can take some time while converting it's obvious. It is also possible if you use software that makes it work quicker. Now to make it possible you will first need to find the software that can make it happen. You will find various s of software and online tools the internet will be suggesting you download or use online. Finding the best one can be a bit of trouble. However you can try out the PDFElement 7 software directly by downloading it from google. Files of any size can be converted with just a few clicks and won't take more than a minute toplete the conversion. You will just have to follow some steps to go with the file conversion. You can also watch the video tutorial given below to get a clear idea of how the conversion really works and its steps. s Thanks!
Who are the 2013 Top Writers on Quora?
I am strangely enough. My output has waned over the last year as I've be busier. But I'm happy to take the fleece. In the meantime enjoy some of my greatest hits of the past year most of which are not that great Biology n Shan Kothari's answer to Is it a good idea to interbreed the various endangered tiger subspecies like the Sumatran Malayan Indo-Chinese South China Bengal and Siberian tigers so that they have more genetic variation? answer aid 26748 n Shan Kothari's answer to Can giraffes swim? answer aid 266935 n Shan Kothari's answer to Ecology What do ecologists think of Lotka-Volterra? answer aid 331343 Shan Kothari's answer to What is the future of big data in ecology? answer aid 3719237 n Shan Kothari's answer to What is hermatypic coral? answer aid 21879 n n Philosophy n Shan Kothari's answer to Why did Blaise Pascal not immediately understand the which god problem with his wager? answer aid 2325461 n Shan Kothari's answer to Philosophy of Mind What is functionalism? answer aid 1929163 n Shan Kothari's answer to Do ethical philosophers tend to be more ethical? answer aid 282594 Shan Kothari's answer to Can you be a philosopher and still believe in god? answer aid 22267 n Shan Kothari's answer to What are the main differences between epiphenomenalism and materialist reductionism? answer aid 194682 n Shan Kothari's answer to What has philosophy contributed to society in the past 5 years? answer aid 2128216 n n Other n Shan Kothari's answer to What are some famous pictures that ruined people's lives? answer aid 21744 Shan Kothari's answer to Why is itmon liberal policy to reject Social Darwinism despite wholeheartedly embracing evolution? Why this contradiction? answer aid 329589 n Shan Kothari's answer to Who are the best or most famous Christian poets? answer aid 353779 Shan Kothari's answer to What are the most impressive intellectual achievementspleted by persons under 2 years old in terms of the influence magnitude depth scope creativity or difficulty of the achievement? answer aid 2571238 n Shan Kothari's answer to What is it like to attend a REU? answer aid 328151 n Shan Kothari's answer to What directors chose the same people to work with time and time again in any roles and who are these people? answer aid 3712437
How do you add a watermark to a document?
open the document with ms word go to page layout tab choose water mark thumbnail choose any template or choose custom then put a to be shown -then ok to learn demo video s
What were the "Killer apps" of the early '90s that drove people to buy an Atari ST, Amiga, Acorn Archimedes, Apple Mac, IBM PS/2 OS2, Generic Windows 3 box, Amstrad CPW CP/M, etc. over the rest?
The killer apps for the Amiga arrived in the mid 198s actually not long after the actualputer was introduced. Ill say right up front that most of the Amiga success was on low-end Amigas like the Amiga 5 and games but for real applications it was all about graphics and video. One of the first killer apps was Deluxe Paint. This was a real painting program forputer art not for photo editing like Photoshop (which came much later). And it was one of the first programs on any personalputer that could deliver the same kind of result as on dedicated graphics workstations of the day. The first version of Deluxe Paint written by Dan Silva was released in 1985 along with the Amiga 1. s Another killer app released in 1987 was Sculpt 3D. The video above shows The Juggler italic an animation created by Eric Graham. Graham was actually kind of messing around in 3D animation tools on his Amiga 1 and he released The Juggler italic in early 1986 actually quite a bit before the code had gone anywhere. The there was so much interest in The Juggler italic Graham decided tomericalize the code he was developing and that became Sculpt 3D. Being a hardware guy Im also pointing out some killer apps with a hardwareponent. The first of these on the Amiga was probably the NewTek DigiView. The Amiga was the amazing graphicsputer for 1985 which as you might recall came along long before digital cameras and affordable scanners. So how do you get a good s. On showing those . Or scan it three times using their color wheel and it would produce an amazing s 179 1919 s software for building whole digital worlds in 3D. s And see more here it a very 9s video but it does show off the Toaster! Read and View More Amiga Juggler Animation horizontal-rule A history of the Amiga part 6 stopping the bleeding s A history of the Amiga part 7 Game on! s A history of the Amiga part 9 The Video Toaster s horizontal-rule Tim Vermeer italic still a mad wizard! s
Why were the ‘70’s more creative in music?
It is because the 7s were the high water mark of what is often referred to as the Singer-Songwriter Movement wherein a lot of songwriters who formerly worked in the background of record labels creating marketable works formercially-friendly acts suddenly emerged as independent creative artists exclusively singing their ownpositions instead of handing them off to another act. One notable example of this was Neil Diamond who originally wrote many of the biggest hits for the Monkees including Daydream Believer and Im A Believer among others before establishing himself as a solo artist no longer working for other musical interests. Another factor that contributed to the singer-songwriters having a seemingly more creative period in the 197s was that many of the artists were focused on a more folk music sound which implicitly narrowed the creative focus on what a single artist could produce as a solo performer as opposed to the collaborative egalitarian process of writing music for and with one band members while regarding them as creative equals. In other words it a lot easier and faster for one italic focused artist to produce a single song than it is doing the same thing via creative consensus. Eventually the singer-songwriter movement receded in popularity and pop music started to revert back to its more market-minded nature driven bymerciability and created bymittee. Consider for example how a single like Jennifer Lopez Jenny From The Block lists at least eight different people as having a songwriting credit s in a popposition ostensibly about how Ms. Lopez retains a personal sense of connectedness to her humble working-class Bronx roots.
If there was a monumental change in the Earth's rotation from 24 to 12 hours per day, what impact would this have on us humans physically and socially?
Disregarding the effects of the transition when a deus ex machina stops time makes the earth spin twice as fast and starts time again like nothing ever happened let brainstorm a bit over what would happen.n Impact on earth physically italic First let a have look on how it will impact our planet physically. After all those physical effects will have an impact on our bodies and our biosphere. If the earth would spin around at double the rate we also have double the amount of tendency to fly off it or centrifugal force . This effect would seem tiny to mepared to the force of gravity from such a massive planet under our feet but let do some numbers using high school physics to be sure. u2b That 4 times as much as it is now with our 24 hour rotation. That makes sense because the rotational speed is squared in the equation. (Note that for simplicity I disregarded the small difference between sidereal and solar day.) .1349 meters per second squared is small enoughpared to the 9.8 meters per second squared for us not to notice it I would say. Moreover this is the maximum value at the equator. Youll have to multiply by the cosine of your latitude to get the value for your position. But hold on that not the whole story yet. The ground we stand on a continental plate is floating around on a molten mantel and would rise up a bit more. The earth would be a bit more flattened on the poles and bulging at the equator. People living at a high latitude would feel gravity a bit more and people at the equator would feel gravity a bit less since they would be further away from earth center of gravity. I think it safe to say that these effects overall would be reasonably small in our perception. The acceleration due to gravity already varies on the earth today since we walk around at different latitudes different altitudes and with different amount of matter under our feet. If anything people at the equator may get less back trouble while people living at high latitudes may be in need of some more chiropractors. There will however be an effect on water levels over the earth because of this maybe changing ocean currents and consequently the climate. That brings me to another physical impact on earth the tides. There would be an effect on tides also . How exactly is difficult to predict as tides don just depend on the position of the moon and the sun in the sky but also on local topography. Tides would instinctively seem to have to occur twice as often but in some places - since it takes time for water to drain or fill a bay - they may vary less in amplitude over a period. u2b Let not forget that tides also influence the earth as a whole and the terra firma we stand on. A tiny squeeze twice as often on our planet would heat it up a bit more inside and maybe there will be some more earthquakes or volcanic eruptions because of that. Volcanic eruptions can have an effect on our climate too. Overall I estimate the effect of tides to have some economic effects. Coastal property would change in value in reaction to the change in sea and sea levels. Coastal cities around the equatorial latitudes may be flooded. Climate change would change rain patterns and temperatures. Humans will have to adapt to that.n Impact on earth our biosphere italic Apart from those physical effects that generate climate change and different ocean currents earth will undergo a climate change because of the change in coriolis effect . Because the earth rotates faster at the equator and is stationary or just rotating around its own axis at the poles a mass of air gets bent to the right in the northern hemisphere it will either move south and start off with a slower initial velocity or it will move north and start off with a higher initial velocity both resulting in the tendency to veer right. The effect is reversed at the southern hemisphere. u2b nThis effect will double when the earth spins double as fast. But it would not necessarily mean winds would pick up. Winds after all are caused by pressure differences and so let have a look at those first. Pressure differences arise because the sun heats up the earth surface differently in different locations. Water in the ocean is more able to hold on to latent heat for example than the great continental landmass of Siberia; and the equator gets more direct sunlight than the poles. u2b When earth has 12 hour day-night cycles you think initially that the amount of energy the sun showers over the earth would be the same over a 24 hour period after all two times twelve is 24. But hold on. There thermal inertia . Landmasses wouldn have so much time bathing in the sun to heat up as much as now before they already have to cool down again in the night. I expect this would cause less temperature fluctuations. Less temperature fluctuations would also mean less pressure differences. And less pressure differences would reduce the strength of the winds. Could it be that there would be less typhoons and hurricanes then? Maybe a meteorologist or climatologist can clarify this for us. There another effect Im thinking of which may bask the earth in more sunlight over a 24h period when there would be twice a day-night cycle atmospheric refraction . u2bn nSunlight would still light up the earth surface even if the sun is actually below the horizon already. The density gradient of the atmosphere makes the sun peep around the corner a bit longer after it already set. This would add a little bit more sunlight over a 24 hour period because it keeps peeping double as much now and that would warm up the earth a bit more. It hard to know now what the overall effect will be on temperature and pressures on earth but it hard to see how it would not be affected even if we can quantify it. If winds would pick up in strength well end up having to build our cities and houses accordingly. When there a typhoon or hurricaneing schools and offices close so we may end up losing some productivity. Employers may then take that lost productivity back in giving less holidays to their employees. Insurance rates that cover for natural disasters will go up. If the winds decrease in strength well still end up with an upset climate. Interiors of continents and landmasses may be dryer. If the agricultural land decreases well end up producing less food resulting in famine and economic refugees. Immigration policies will be under scrutiny worldwide labor markets may be affected. Extreme right or extreme left parties may win more elections. Now let have a look at circadian rhythms. A little research on the circadian rhythms of plants after all the basis of our food chain shows that it not as straight forward as one may think. Plants may not have a 24 hour cycle in a free running environment and seem to not always need cues from earth day-night cycle. Consider the effect of the shorter days of winter on plants. The shedding of leaves seems to be more temperature than light related. Global temperatures will therefore have a bigger effect on our food production than daylight hours or frequency thereof. Maybe a biologist can shed a light on this for us here but a quick glance over some websites related to this indicate to me that our food production wouldn't be affected simply by the frequency of light-dark. Also there are always electrical lights in greenhouses to solve the issue. The circadian rhythm of animals and humans is a different issue. n nAnimals will be confused I guess. When I witnessed a solar eclipse I noticed birds went to rest and crickets started to chirp when darkness fell over us in the middle of the day. It hard to imagine an ape or a monkey not being messed up though. My guess is some animals may adapt sooner than others but it may upset the ecosystem. Nightly predators will have to adjust to shorter periods of hunting opportunities especially if they have to travel a bit of distance before they can actually strike. Eventually a new balance will exist but how long will that take? How upsetting is the wildlife world being messed up for us humans? Zoologists are wee to throw in their expertise. As humans it would be easier to adjust I think. I am an airline pilot and do a lot of flights traveling over different time zones working shifts day and night and always switching. It may not be pleasant but Im able to do it. Moreover we humans have electrical lights to switch on when needed just like on a dark winter day. A good consequence of this is that maybe employers will encourage the wonderful siesta by having a dormitory or so in the workplace. In fact we may finally work better and have a legitimate excuse to act on that afternoon dip. u2b People who do shifts will maybe do different hours. Schools will maybe give a longer break and stop later in the day. Old habits die hard though and once a system is in place it usually evolves into something more efficient rather than get a serious overhaul. Therefore I think there wouldn't be too much change initially. n Impact on humans physically italic The physical impact on humans will be minimal apart from the unpleasant jetlags initially. When people adjust to the new reality which wille fast life will mostly go on as normal. Not everyone is made to do shifts and possibly when some employers apply a new workday pattern that is not suitable for them they may change jobs or employer. Since a 24 hour day would still work like before I suspect that most people would resist too much change and will just demand the siesta to bemon practice. Ecological changes may have repercussions on disease patterns. Maybe mosquitoes will thrive in the new climate and cause malaria and dengue outbreaks. Maybe the flu will be moremon. Possibly people get sick more often and employers need more staff on the payroll as a result. Accidents are probably more likely to happen. Hunger may appear as a consequence to climate changes. n Impact on humans socio-economically italic Climate changes will have the biggest impact here although it hard to predict just how. Ha I just realize that that actually not so different from the world we live in now then! Wars may break out politics will be affected. Factories andpanies will introduce the beloved siesta and shift office hours accordingly. Sales for thicker curtains will go up and electricity bills will rise bars will have to change when they offer their happy hour bus schedules will adapt. Oil may be more expensive affecting the rest of the economy. Rising sea levels will affect coastal cities particularly at the equator. Launching satellites will be cheaper and maybe well colonize other planets sooner than planned. Now that something to look forward to!
Why is bottled water so much more expensive than soda?
Obvious fact Because people are willing to pay for it. Secondary obvious facts Bottled water is arbitraging a whole host of cognitive biases utter human stupidity and waves in popular culture to separate less than bright individuals from their earnings. Let's analyze some stupidity I will begin by using the Mount Franklin bottled water website as a proxy for the advertising they use on bottles + display + print + tv. Let's begin. This is an example of the Naturalistic fallacy . The implication of this statement is that because it's natural it must be good. This is clearly . Arsenic is natural. So is mercury. Eating either of those will kill you. In terms of bottled water natural sources often contain high levels of Waterborne diseases which is why we process water in the first place. Furthermore the statement that they don't add anything being good is also clearly . We add things to water sources to make sure they don't kill us. Furthermore the use of the term 'Mount Franklin' is an attempt to evoke the s 7 688 nWater doesn't age. Unique mineral balance can be achieved through dilution of filtered tap water. Low sodium content can be acquired through dilution It's well suited for everyone - it's just water. If it's been percolating through the ground it can't be pure and if its being pumped out of the ground it most certainly is not untouched by man. I'm betting they filter it too. 1878? What the fuck? Well next time I prove the efficacy of the next cancer drug I'll be sure to refer to something from 1878. Themission says organic standards acknowledge that water cannot be organic and any claim of that nature would be misleading or deceptive. nIt expects that organic claims will soon disappear entirely from bottled water labels. The manufacturers argued the word ' organic' was not a representation but part of the brand name. n nSource ACCC gets tough on organic bottled water claims Manufacturers would not add this organic label if it didn't add to their bottom line via the naturalistic fallacy. That indicates that people have lax thinking habits and are easily fooled into believing in things that mean nothing. Several manufacturers admit they fill their bottles from the Sydney Water mains after applying filtration and purification procedures - but they insist customers know their water is not sourced from a mineral spring and are happy to pay for the convenience of having it in a plastic bottle.n n But supermarket and convenience stores stock brands that describe themselves as purified or organic and are in fact the same water available in every home for less than one cent a litre.n n Sydney Water boasts one of the world's most advanced filtration systems. It sells water at $ for 1 litres butpanies are selling it for about $2.5 for 6ml. Even accounting for a 15c bottling cost that is a mark-up of more than 18 per cent. n n Nature's Best Organic owner Warren Peffer said his bottled water sold in Franklins for up to $2.5 a bottle wasn't claiming to be spring 's tap water he said defending the organic label. People have a perception that it means the water is a better standard ores from a better source he said. If I don't have it I lose business. n None of us are really paying that much for water Mr Peffer said. It's just the packaging materials we're selling. Active Organic water admitted its product was also filtered tap water. nA spokesman for Noble's Pureau said it was value-adding water it obtained from Sydney Water after filtering it to render it ultra pure. nSpokeswoman for Sydney Water Emma Booth said Sydney's tap water is safe to drink without filtering. n n It's very easy to be swayed by pretty pictures of flowing waterfalls and bubbling brooks Ms Just said. Bottled water drinker Tatiana de Wouytch of Bondi Beach said she was shocked by the revelation. I wouldn't have thought of looking at the back of the bottle but now I'll look more closely before I buy she said. n nSource Tapwater sold as bottled water gets 18 per cent mark-up Further supports my hypothesis that people who buy bottled water aren't too bright. to be continued this has piqued my interest; Still Mineral Water Can you believe that people pay for this? Unfortunately I can. People are stupid. Their psychological biases are stable and can be arbitraged by less than honest marketers to make them pay for a whole bunch of hot air. s