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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing watermark page
Instructions and Help about watermark page

In this lesson we will look at how to work with applying page borders and colors and adding watermarks to our document in our document we're going to go into the design ribbon and we're going to work primarily with this page background group will work in the order of watermark page color and border since that's the order we have on the ribbon a watermark is a great way for you to add an image to your background you can also add text such as draft mode or maybe even your name I'm gonna go ahead and click on watermark there's some default ones go ahead and click on one of those default ones if you'd like and you can see the watermark on your document go back to watermark you'll see that you have the option to have a diagonal watermark or just a standard horizontal watermark towards the bottom here you can search Office com4 watermarks I'm gonna go ahead and choose custom watermark when you open up the custom watermark window you have the option to remove the watermark maybe you applied one you don't want it anymore maybe your document is no longer in draft mode now if you would like to use an image as a watermark you can go ahead and select the picture watermark option I'm going to use the coastline image I'm selecting the picture option my image is on the computer so I'm going to click browse and here's my coastline image I'll go ahead and click insert once you have the image selected it's going to display the path I'm going to accept the default settings here for this scale but we'll go ahead and come back to it down at the bottom go ahead and click apply if you need to move the window to see your watermark go ahead and do so but you'll see that image is now applied in the background the image is very light in color because I have out selected in the printed watermark window so if we go back to some of those options here we can uncheck watermark and click apply perhaps it's a little bit too dark so I'll go ahead and check wash out again and then to the left of that option you can resize the image for example I'll go ahead and choose 50% and then apply and then I'll go back to the auto setting I think it looked better in my image so I'll go ahead and choose apply with that auto selected to use a text watermark you have a third option here to use custom text or pre-existing text once you have text watermark selected you can choose the language that you want to work in mine is English so I'll keep that selected and then you can use one of these text items or delete what's in that text box and type in what you would like I'm.