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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing how do i get a draft watermark to appear on all pages
Instructions and Help about how do i get a draft watermark to appear on all pages

Music guess what I have five PowerPoint slide templates that I want to give to you for absolutely free each and every slide is fully customizable to your needs whether you're presenting to your boss your professor your colleague your employees or your mother-in-law you can use these five slides in any way that you'd like and to get them you only have to do just one thing click on the first link on the YouTube description and sign up to the slack cow mailing list your welcome email will consist of a download link with these slides thank you and enjoy welcome back in on the video from slide cow my name is yo-yo and together we're gonna make your slides are moving this week's video is going to be a short one I'm going to teach you how to properly add a draft watermark or any text-based watermark for that matter to your PowerPoint slides the end result should look something like this let's get started what you should not do this is a mistake that I see PowerPoint users do all too often and it needs to stop this means that if you are doing what I'm about to do right now stop it I'm gonna teach you a better technique later but this is what most people do right now they go to insert and click on the text box over here they draw the text box like this they type in something like draft and make a big sort of you know text size maybe even change the font to something more bold just keep increasing the text here make it huge as big as possible just like that maybe Center it this like that right copy paste do you see the problem right there guys even if you would change the color to something more light even if it was a you know a gray or even if it was a red it's do you see the problem you can't read your slide you can't see anything behind that big draft logo it's huge and it just doesn't make any sense why anyone would do it and yeah maybe you put the draft sort of text box right over at this area but still it doesn't make sense for you to do that you want something that people can instantly recognize as a draft but you also want something to your slides justice like I mean look at this if I wasn't the same thing in this slide over here how am I supposed to read the text there that doesn't make any sense how am I supposed to read the text here either that doesn't make any sense you might be saying all right but hold on yo yo hold on what if I was to sort of right click that and click on Center back yeah well that doesn't do much either because as you can see clearly over.