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Should I have some sort of watermark or signature for the photos I post online?
My advice would be to put a small watermark or signature (I would advise the signature) in the bottom right corner of the gets shared people know who took it should they want to find the photographer. However I would also caution you not to use a large orplex watermark (unless the photo is specifically offered for sale and is marked to prohibit unauthorized reuse). In my experience marking the image with a mark that is a single color or color scheme (chrome design) is the best way to go about things.
What can Python do?
It nice that you want to know the applications of python before learning it. Python is a general purpose programming language. So it has vast number of applications in Artificial Intelligence Data analytics Web development 3D gaming and graphics Robotics etc. It relatively easy programming language to learn with simple syntax. No wonder it has be favorite of techmunity. Therefore it has been used in variety of fields. You can do software development using python. Popular applications like YouTube BitTorrent Dropbox have been using python heavily to build their functionality. A lot startups have been using python to build mobile applications. A popular app like Instagram which is mostly built using python. Yes you can develop websites using Python. You can use web frameworks like Django Pyramid Flask etc to create back end logic. Python has also standard library supports for internet protocols like HTML XML JSON etc. that are used in develop front end logic of the application. Data Science New buzzword in tech industry. Python has libraries like Pandas and NumPy that are used in Data Science and Data Visualization. They have capability do a lotputing and other host of other technical things. AI and ML have be hot fields in today world. A lot people have heard and used these words but they really don know what they mean at deeper level. Python provides library called Scikit-Learn library to write machine learning algorithms in python. If you are more into neural networks then python has Tensorflow to implement neural networks. You can also build Operating Systems using python. You heard it right. Although python is not known for its OS building capabilities I just wanted you to know that it is that robust. Moreover it is platform independent so applications build in python can run on any OS platform. Python is one of the best languages if you want to learn how to code. It usually better if you start with simple and versatile language like python. Now there are many resources that teach you python. I havee across Edu4Sure python course as one of the best courses to learn python. They have good mentors with strong focus on hands on learning. I hope this helps you. Best wishes!
What is the best document management software for startups?
As apany that is just starting out document management is an important aspect of creating the foundation for any future work especially when ite to managing clients Organization and workflow are the two factors that are significant to anypany whether new or established so choosing the correct software is an essential step to take for improved time management and productivity. Out of the many softwares out there one I personally rmend checking out is Document 365 Business by Kdan Mobile. There are a few distinct features that make this software a great addition to anypany. nOne of the best features of Document 365 is PDF Mobile Reader - this makes working with PDFs so much easier on many levels and if your startup works with PDFs a lot it important to have a solid way of doing so. With PDF Mobile Reader - it easy to convert any document into a PDF and the other way around. Other functions include the ability to edit and annotate PDFs add signatures and watermarks split orbine whatever youre working on. Filling in forms is also easy and fast. nIn our day and age many of us are not stuck in offices working from home or other spaces so sharing files collaborating on projects accessing documents from different devices is important for a good workflow. With Document 365 online file sharing is effortless - everything is synced across all your devices saved and updated if youve made changes. You and your co-workers and access the files from the team-managed account as well as turn in documents for approval or signatures. nSecurity is also a significant issue to worry about and with Document 365 keeping your files secure is simple with password protected s watermarks and passwords for any stored documents on the cloud you get a peace of mind when sharing important files online. ntAll in all Document 365 Business is a good solution for no matter how small or big your startup is - file management organization workflow improvement document archival and working with PDFs is easy and when ites to collaboration and project management this multi-user software also performs well letting everyone work on a project together make edits and corrections and keep updated secure and organized. Disclaimer I am part of Kdan team and my answers might be a bit biased.
What are some good idea-management tools online?
tl;dr Try Ideanote s . I get it. You just scoured the internet for software that connects people and ideas. I did the same when I was starting out - It not easy to find a good fit. I feel like somehow along the way software designed to help me be creative actually made me.. well.. less creative. Long online forms and one-way ideation quickly be boring an every bit ofplexity just means more work. So what solutions are out there? Let break it down. Basically what youre looking for falls under the category of innovation software s . You can find it under terms like Idea Management or Innovation Management -panies like Brightidea s Spigit s and Ideascale s offer solutions and have been in that market for quite some time. Like me chances are you are probably on the lookout for a modern solution. Something people will actually want to use when you invite them. Like Slack s for teammunication or Dropbox s for files haring. Something that lets you get started right away. What solution do I rmend? If youre looking for a modern solution I would rmend Ideanote s the simple innovation app . Apany Ive helped found to make innovation simpler smarter and more fun. It lets you turn innovation into the everyday habit it should be without creating a mess. With Ideanote it's quite easy to start collecting more of the right ideas while you can keep your process clean actionable and engaging. No matter if it new processes better products or happier customers - you can organize your innovation process in just a few clicks and save yourself from a lot of headaches. Never worry about low engagement levels. Never worry about unorganized ideas piling up. Never worry about getting everybody to fit in a brainstorming session. Never worry about not being able to prove the impact of your innovation. italic Scale at your own pace. I would still rmend Ideanote. It really helps scale you innovation at your own pace. Just invite one team or go for a big launch across departments it all up to you. Our team is always ready to help you meet your innovation goals. With happy customers ranging from teams of 2 people to SMBs to enterprises with 7+ employees you can be sure that everything you need is already there. SSO 2FA smart idea prioritization assign ideas powerful collaboration andmunity building features... But hey don just take my word for it - why not check out the plete list of features s ? Only pay for what you need. Such software can be quite expensive and might even require additional consulting. Others like Ideascale s ($4999) are priced by the number of users you want to invite. But really you never know how many people youre going to involve in your ideation. That why Ideanote offers a free plan and flexible pricing that mean you only have to pay for the features you actually use and pay a flat fee no matter how many people join your platform. Sound easier huh? Plans start at $39 and you can of course cancel anytime. Want to check it out? You can get a free 3-day trial here s . You can also always catch the customer success team for a chat s on how to crush your innovation goals. They always get back to you - with real answers from real people.
Have you considered using e-Signature for your business?
Well I don own a business yet. But why wouldn I consider using something that is fast convenient and environmentally friendly. Although I haven used e-Signatures for my business I regularly use them while doing business. Ive even used an e-signature to sign my rental agreement. All I had to do was to convince the real estate agent to convince the landlord that using an e-signature was a better option for both parties. And believe me it is. You see my landlord resides in another city. When I was about to sign my rental agreement the agent informed me that we would sign the document and after that it would be mailed to the landlord to get signed and sent back. Were talking at least 1 week before something as simple as a rental agreement gets signed. All I had to do was to sign the document and email it to the landlord who did the same and I had rented my house in around 3 minutes. I can imagine it taking over a week. If your business regularly requires signatures from various parties which may or may not be in the same city or even country. Is it really feasible to do things old school in that case? Wouldn using a way that is faster more secure and efficient be a better business decision? Documents can get lost they take time to travel from place to place storing them is a nightmare. So if you haven already use e-signatures for your business and daily life and make things easy for everybody. Cheers
What are the best ways an artist can help ensure that their images are not "stolen" or reposted without attribution?
The simplest way is to not post them on the internet. The next simplest way is to put a big fat watermark on your -theft) Another technique is to display photos through a slideshow that is created in Flash. You can't right-click on a Flash object and copy the s however. Smugmug and Flickr both make it difficult to easily copy the photos. Smugmug even displays a custom message to viewers when they try this. Lastly if you are ok with external use but definitely want to get credit when it is due consider listing your s on the internet. See this question for more on that What methods do photographers use to see if their copyrighted work is being used on the internet? question qid 172157