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Clever PDF To Word: What You Should Know

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What program will turn a PDF into a Word document?
There are quite a few programs that can turn a PDF into a Word document. Some of them can convert native searchable PDFs to editable Word and some are more powerful with the ability to convert both native and scanned PDF files to editable Word and othermon file s. If you are a Mac user PDF Converter OCR s is the best choice. Its supported input formats include native PDF scanned (JPG PNG BMP TIFF GIF) Its supported output formats include Word (searchable) PDF Excel PowerPoint RTFD EPUB HTML Pages Key JPG BMP PNG GIF and more To convert PDF to Word using PDF Converter OCR you only need to drag PDFs into the app select DOCX as the output format and click the Convert button. It that easy. One of the greatest things about this app is that it can keep the original formatting layout hyper table of contents s 812 132 master_ s zoomable PDFs you can also click the gear icon to preview and manually adjust OCR recognition areas. PC users can check out Nitro PDF to Word Converter. It alsoes with the OCR function so it is able to deal with scanned documents. If you want to do the conversion for free Calibre is the best choice. It cross-platform and free to use. It performs well when ites to PDF files with simple formatting. It also possible to convert PDF to Word using web-based apps.
What is the most clever life hack you've learned?
When shopping online always read the 1-star reviews first. Don't right-click-correct incorrectly spelled words. Delete the entire word then re- it correctly. Do this to train yourself to spell words right the first time instead of relying on spell-check. Before watching a TV show or movie try not to look at reviews. Apply for a loan a day or two after your normal pay day. Put some tape on the cables of expensive electronics like headphones. If it looks like it's been repaired badly it's less likely to get stolen. Use the three second rule to determine a safe distance while following another vehicle. Once the lead vehicle passes a stationary object allow three seconds before passing the same object. This works at all speeds. When finishing up at a coffee shop don shove your used napkin into your empty cup. Some poor soul will have to personally dig to remove the back-wash infested mush that is now glued to the bottom. If you have problems power napping for the right amount of time hold something in your hand. When it falls it's time to wake up. Take a few basic first aid courses. You never know when you'll have to save a life! If you're going on a vacation find a whole new playlist to listen to with new songs only. This way when you play it back later you can vividly reminisce about your time there in the future. If you find yourself having to write or someone name you should know instead of asking them their name ask them how to spell it instead that way you may be able to avoid offending the person. If you can make an excuse to buy it you can also make an excuse not to buy it. On most calculators the C button means clear and CE means Clear Entry. The C will clear all input while CE clears the most recent entry so if you make a mistake in a longputation you don't need to start all over again. If you are excited for a movie don watch the trailer. If you need to take your vehicle to a garage clean your car first. They will treat your car better. If you like cookies and free stuff donate blood. You get a free cookie!! Go back and re-read technical manuals for something you are passionate about every year or so. It's amazing what new ideas you learn with a more experienced perspective. Whenever you are having a horrible day write a letter to a grandparent or write a thank you note to someone. It's hard to be upset and grateful at the same time. If you think someone is lying about their age ask them what year they are born in. If they are lying they'll have to do the math but if they're telling the truth they'll know it instantly.
What are the best productivity hacks of startup CEOs?
Focus on everything that leads to success The biggest problem of every CEO is that they could work 24 a day. They still would not get everything done. You learn that only that counts that in the end bring enough profit. So you let things go that do not look promising. Cut everything short that does not bring success do not even start it Especially after your first successes a lot of people will approach you with their ideas. You will learn soon that most of these ideas are mostly crap. People have not thought about it till the end. There are ideas where you right away can tell that this will never work. Some other ideas need a bit investigation. Of course you always risk missing out the one idea that in the end would have worked though but as a start up CEO you do not have many bullets. If you get distracted you do not get your core idea done. Work Smarter At peak pressure you will not get more efficient by adding more tasks on your pile. You also will start to make silly mistake because you are powered out. You even do not realise you bad your performance is. So the I will work harder mentality bes a big issue if you are already at the peak. Then you need to work smarter. Better is to avoid all tasks that are not necessary(see above). Sometimes it also means that we have to cut on things we would like to do in favor of the things are important. The most successful people are people who have learned not to blind themselves and always focus on the important tasks. They also have learned that regular sleep times improve the overall output more than having late night shifts. Avoid distractions So you are focussed. You know what you want to do and what not. But then while you work you sometimes wander to social media check your e-mails and then it happens. Instead of implementing your goals you suddenly watch videos that a friend sent you and although you might reason that it could be relevant for you you do not do what you planned to do. Politics Everyone is a politicians as everyone wants to sell his own achievements over the achievements of others. The more you deal with leaders and managers the more you encounter this narcissism. Everyone wants to show and highlight how smart and cunning they are and they use all kinds of tricks. The Game of Thrones what people play is a game that some people master better than others but at some hierarchy level everyone plays it. Distrust people and never share too much about oneself You learn. You can be only a target if people have something they can aim for. If there is nothing to hit no one can shoot at you. So you do not share too much yourself you keep secrets and only advertise what is good for you. Others may party and drink but you know if you drink too much at a party with others the more powerful you are the deeper you can fall afterwards. Dunning-Kruger Be aware of the Dunning-Kruger effect. Best thing is to watch the video of John Gleese on this topic to get the intro. Also learn about mirror neurons and what they do. Then count one and one together. s Create levers share risk Some CEOs are poor guys. Especially at a start up. They have all the risk and sometimes they feel rather like being the servant of everyone instead a boss. People leave thepany at a wrong time clients play stupid games and suppliers sometimes do not keep their promises. you have to learn to deal with that. 1% ownership. This means being the responsible for everything. But what if others also own parts of thepany. This makes a difference. If you are the only one that wins or lose it is easier to fail. The more you share your risks the more you benefit. But this also means to involve others. Look at the ownership structures of many successfulpanies Depending on your industry you cannot be the nice guy all the time This is maybe the hardest lesson. Business is hard and often people survive because they can be assholes. We also might dislike this idea much. But think about it especially if we look at the services business. Services means you sell the knowledge of your people. The client pays you money for that. Fine! Who will most likely more survive? The CEO who keeps options to remove people quickly if they are without project for a while the CEO who was able to minimize the salary of some people? some might say Being an asshole can backfire. The nice CEO hires people and they stay loyal the asshole CEO loses them at inconvenient times. So thats what the best asshole CEOs are so manipulative that the employees do not even get that they are fooled. Not being affected by assholes actions You deliver suddenly the client does not want to pay. You believe you are done negotiations and in the last moment one person screws it as he has a political agenda. At the peak of stress one of your core people resigns knowing pretty well he leaves a mess. All you need to learn is to protect your assets but you learn to expect that everyone can be an asshole. Do not let your action be defined by emotion. You might know this situation. There is this one person and who would love to make him feel miserable. Some people do not hesitate. They start flame wars intrigues or even get into an open fight with him. A CEO will stand above this. If he cannot gain anything from a fight but just lose why shall he enter the battle. Keep a minimum regime of a healthy life Even if you are not able to have the life of someone who has put sports as his prime focus you can still do a lot You can avoid unhealthy habits such as smoking or drinking You can have a healthy sleep schedule (people underestimate how draining of sleep affects them - if you were able to put numbers on it everyone would go to bed at 1pm sharp to get a full night sleep) You can avoid sugar and too much caffeine They boost you shortly but in the end they drain you 1 You can at lunch always prefer the healthier choices Get yourself some off-time to meditate or do deep relaxation. You can use the stairs and not the elevator you can even have calls while you are on a cross trainer.
Why did the Greeks invent mermaids?
Well they didn quite invent mermaids as such. The Ancient Greeks invented sirens who were bird-women rather than fish-women and who seduced seafarers to their doom as featured in the Odyssey Spencer Alexander McDaniel's answer to Were the sirens of Greek mythology actually intended to be bird-women not mermaids? answer aid 15176115 The Modern Greeks have a mermaid figure and the Greek folklorist Dimitris Loukopoulos account from 1926 ( PDF pager s ) speaks of the Mermaid as a woman with fish tails. But she is not a cute cuddly Ariel figure ue la Hans Christian Andersen. (Then again neither were mermaids in the rest of European folklore) There one of them in Greek folklore not multiples of them. In fact Greek Wikipedia distinguishes between the singular Mermaid s(u3bbu3b1u3bfu3b3u3c1u3b1u3c6u3afu3b1) as the Greek folklore figure and the plural Mermaids s(u3bbu3b1u3bfu3b3u3c1u3b1u3c6u3afu3b1) as pretty much all the other folklores figures. The Mermaid causes hurricanes drags sailors off boats and sinks ships. The Mermaid is Alexander the Great sister who has drunk the immortal water and so will never die. She lives in the Black Sea (which is notoriously stormy) butes down to the Aegean often. She often appears midnight on Saturdays. The Mermaid challenges sailors with the questions Is King Alexander alive? If you answer no you drown. If you answer yes the sea will calm and she will play you sweet music; sweet enough that Greeks had the proverbial expression He learned that song from the Mermaid. (Yes she is a Siren.) A clever and quick woman was called in Greece a Mermaid; a clever and quick child and indeed a clever and quick beast of burden was called with the neuter of Mermaid. The Modern Greek Mermaid is called a name straight out of Greek mythology. No not Seiru113na italic . Gorgona italic from the Gorgon - Wikipedia s While descriptions of Gorgons vary and occur in the earliest examples of Greek literature the termmonly refers to any of three sisters who had hair made of living venomous snakes s as well as a horrifying visage that turned those who beheld her to stone s . Traditionally while two of the Gorgons were immortal Stheno s and Euryale s(Gorgon) their sister Medusa s was not and she was slain by the demigod and hero Perseus s . The swiftness of the Modern Greek Gorgona italic is folk etymology the Ancient word gorgos italic meant grim and the word gorgos italic had already changed in meaning by the Koine to lively and in Modern Greek to swift. So the Ancient Greek Mermaid is a Siren and the Modern Greek Mermaid is a Medusa (with a lot inmon with Sirens). They were both invented because the sea was a scary place and folklore and mythology (which after all are the same thing) personalised that scariness through predatory monsters. The fact that the Modern Gorgona lives in the treacherous Black Sea is not a coincidence. The Ancient Sirens were more birds than women; the Modern Gorgona is an intriguingbination of fear of the sea and awe of Ancient Greece (Alexander the Great). Manatees s live nowhere near the Mediterranean by the way so they are not the inspiration for Greek Mermaid figures (and they weren behind the Sirens). The Modern Greek Mermaid may have a fish tail because of sighting seals but people knew full well what seals were in Greece so I don buy that. I surmise they stuck a tail on the Mermaid so she could be both human (sister of Alexander) and able to navigate from the Black Sea to the Aegean.
What are the differences between office 2010 and 2016?
I am using 216 in its office 365 guise which may make a difference. Word will open PDF files for editing which is very useful for modifying old manuals. Today is the first time it got one wrong but it was written in 1997. Excel has as every version more cool bling It has Sway which is very clever. I like Sway PowerPoint was always a stinker but the latest ribbon is worse than ever. This is supposed to be an 'integrated suite' and here we are 4 years on and it still italic doesn't have tables of contents or footnotes unless you handcraft them. Why can't I have styles like in a word processor. In windows 173 it will get 3D. I bet it won't get TOC. It defaults to using one drive but it does that well. I like it. The whole file or print menu is now a tab which is really good. Auto recovery is far better which is good as it is less stable than 21. But while I have lost minutes I haven't lost any work. Ites with a different version of notes to the one in 21 but while different I doubt it is better. The help pages are rather variable in quality and it has a nasty habit of going to the web for help pages that Microsoft have either not written or removed. The help system is a sort of junior cortana and just as useful as that sounds. There is no support for scanners in word (or PowerPoint) - the help says to scan into notes and cut-and-paste across. But they took it out of notes too (!) They have added ink extensions which is fun if you enjoy finger painting but even with s cintiq tablet I don't get on with it. But it works very well. Save as PDF and print as PDF are both very good though they make different files. In general I find word a little easier to use though I still have trouble finding stuff like paragraph reflow or case change that was easier in WotdPerfect for DOS than in word 216. Excel is still just a spreadsheet and the macro language is dreadful. But with pretty graphs . PowerPoint is ghastly but no more so than before. Access has more bling but is nowhere near as good as the database in libreoffice. I love sway I barely touch notes. Outlook is still LookOut the megalithic monster. It's just office. With touch and cloud. And PDF
Was Robin Hood a hero, a villain or was he just stealing from the rich to feed the poor?
We are told that Robin Hood stole from the rich to give to the poor. But Robin Hood was not italic a thief when looked at from an ethical perspective. I seek to correct the record and end centuries of smearing Robin Hood good name and of hiding the real thieves. horizontal-rule Universal Ethics of Theftn Let start with a definition of theft since the nature of theft is what we are concerned about here. In universal ethics when you justly italic own property no one may take it from you forcibly. If they do they aremitting an evil act against you. Ethically you may resist their theft and you may recover your stolen property. Property is only justly italic transferred when the owner consents italic . horizontal-rule Who were these Rich?n The rich in The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood italic did not include some of the rich that we see today people who create wealth by millions of consensual win-win trades. No! There was nothing consensual italic about how the Sheriff of Nottingham and his political cronies took their riches. The rich in Robin Hood italic took their wealth through political plunder. The rulers bestowed on cronies land on which peasants were attached. The peasants were forced to labor for their new masters and pay them taxes. Were talking essentially slave-holders. horizontal-rule Did the Citizens Otherwise Have Just Ownership of Their Property?n In order to figure out who stole what from whom we have to tease out who had just ownership over the property and over the peasants labor. How did Kings get so much land to hand out to favored sheriffs lords abbots and squires? Did the King follow Lockean homesteading mixing His labor with the soil and thus making the land productive? No. He did it the old fashioned way He stole it through conquest. Those people living on the land if they survived His conquest had the title of their property transferred to the King at the point of a spear. So we don have a consensual trade between the original just land holder and the King. So ethically the property is still the peasant no matter what fabricated document the King holds. horizontal-rule Did the Sheriff steal the peasants coins?n What differentiates giving something to someone and having it stolen is consent italic . Certainly the product of the peasants labor and the peasants land was not given to their lords through consent. Now rulers like to play word games. They change the word from theft to taxes when it is they doing the stealing. And they hope that this facile masquerade will suffice to confuse us into giving them a pass for the very same act. While many people today have remarkable difficulty seeing past such simple artifice it is less difficult to see the truth when the same mechanism is inflicted on poor peasants 8 years ago. The peasants created the wealth. The rulers extorted this wealth from the peasants. And justified it by calling it taxes italic . The peasants were given no opportunity to consent or not. If they had dissented the Sheriff sent his thugs with sharp spears to strong-arm from and poke holes in any disobedient peasants. Clearly the rich rulers from whom Robin stole were ethically the thieves albeit operating under the color of Law. Was Robin Hood Stealing or Was He Recovering?n From an ethical perspective if the Sheriff was a thief then Robin Hood himself is not a thief. It is no theft if you recover from a carjacker the victim car and give it back to the victim. Look at the oath his merry men take they vowed that even as they themselves had been despoiled they would despoil their oppressors whether baron abbot knight or squire and that from each they would take that which had been wrung from the poor by unjust taxes or land rents or in wrongful fines . But to the poor folk they would return to them that which had been unjustly taken (P12) A priest on a religious pilgr s 56 1 horizontal-rule See related The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood (PDF) What makes taxation not theft? answer aid 4671146 An illustration of libertarian ethics answer aid 3516667 How ethics gets from self-ownership to private property? answer aid 3725896 What if 2.5 million protesters refuse to file taxes this year? answer aid 35237429 How to be wealthy without doing evil? answer aid 39311442 How to dfferentiate between the justly rich and the unjustly rich? answer aid 37441165 horizontal-rule 2 Essays on < Property Ownership by Dennis board_item board_item_id 3837686 2 Table of Contents for Dennis Libertarian Writings board_item board_item_id 3774132
What are important things to be aware of when collaborating with a co-author on a book, from the contractual stage through the editing and promotion?
Contractual stage You need a coauthorship agreement. This is separate from the publication agreement (assuming you are publishing through a traditional publisher). The coauthoriship agreement specifies what work each of you will do and how royalties and advances will be split. Editing This is up to the publisher if youre using a traditional publisher. If youre self-publishing it may be helpful to put who paying for the editor and how that will be reimbursed from book sales in your coauthorship agreement. Promotion This also can go in the coauthorship agreement ig you plan to split duties like paying for promotion making appearances doing a book tour and so on. You can find sample coauthorship agreements here s s (note is PDF) s s (note is PDF) The most important thing thoughand I cannot stress this enough Don get emotionally attached to your words. You may find that you have what you are absolutely certain is a brilliant idea and you may think your prose sparkles and your dialog is witty and the thing you just wrote is brilliant and your coauthor may tell you that sucks cut it. Or worse yet that lovely but it doesn advance the plot. Cut it. You have to be able to hear that. You have to be able to hear it from your editor and you have to be able to hear it from your coauthor. While I was working on the first draft of The Brazen Altar italic with my crush I wrote a thing I was really proud of. I labored over it I wrote clever dialog I thought it was awesomeand she said no I don really see the characters doing that it needs to be rewritten. So we sat down and talked about it over Skype I listened to her I decided that as much as I loved what I had written she was right and I scrapped it. More recently while we were working on the sequel Divine Burdens italic we got to a place where the story wasn working. We talked about it on Skype realized that there was no fixing it and I highlighted about 4 pages of and hit Delete. Wham bam 4 pages gone goodbye. More recently still after we gotten over 9 words into Divine Burdens italic she suggested that the entire first chapter didn work. So guess what? Last night I scrapped the first chapter and were reworking it now. (The new first chapter is a lot tighter and starts a lot more strongly but it was still painful.) You have to be willing to do that. You have to be willing to hear critique of words that you sweated and labored and slaved over.
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