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How do I develop an app in Swift that will allow to search through a PDF?
If you just need to display the PDF with basic tools then check out PDFKit. PDFKit | Apple Developer Documentation s
If software development is hard, why is it hard?
There are two parts to this answer. Why is software development hard and why do people find italic software development to be hard Why do people find Software development hard? Because we don teach it or anything like it italic in schools. Schooling is about spoon feeding information then regurgitating it at an exam. If youve got a good memory youll do well at school everything else is secondary. Software development requires actual understanding logic and acting on that understanding. This ability simply isn taught at school so when a person tries to learn programming it the first time theyve ever encountered this of task so yeah it hard italic . Due to this people learn very poorly they read books or source code and expect the ability to just form in their heads. That won work. Youre not in Kansas anymore those schooling techniques will not work. italic Why is software development hard? It a very wide and deep italic area. Not only do you need to understand programming you need to understand a programming language italic APIs Frameworks and probably the domain you are working in. Let take the classic PhotoShop example let say were building apetitor We need to understand let say Swift and we need a very italic good understanding of let say Cocoa. Of course Cocoa alone won do it well need CoreGraphics probably Core Animation PDFKit (for export.) and a lot more. Well also need to understand the domain italic were working in. Our PhotoShoppetitor will need to work in RGB CMYK spot colours and other colourspaces. Do you understand what a colour space is? Well youre gonna have to or you can make our PhotoShoppetitor. That really is just the bare bones of it were going to need vastly more than that. Software development is hard because it huge. It wide *and* deep. italic Summary It hard because well it actually a really huge task. But more importantly schooling does not teach us to break huge tasks down into smaller more achievable tasks.
How do I create a DXF file in Swift Xcode?
I am not aware of any utilities SDKs or APIs to automatically convert Cocoa graphics or Core Graphicsmands into DXF (AutoCAD Drawing eXchange Format). That said the question is what you are trying to aplish. If you wish to export Vector graphics generated by your Swift program into a Vector format for another app you could try using PSFs instead. The PDF file format contains both bitmap images and vectormands. Apple PDFKit provides the ability to work with PDFs and there are several articles available exing this process. Most vector programs can input PDF strip out the vectorponent and give you what you want. If your final destination is unable to convert PDF you will need to program the export feature yourself. There are many C based libraries for DXF output but I have not seen one written in Swift. Nor one written for the Mac. DXF is aplex format with different versions of the standard not all of them are well documented. An alternate is to write a library that exports an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) file. It is a more straightforward format and there are a number of tools to convert SVGF into DXF. I have written some Swift code to create simple vector files and it is not that hard. Good luck!