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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing header in word for ipad


Pages,Keynote 09 vs Word,Powerpoint 2011 which one is better and why?
It depends. The first questions I ask myself in forming a presentation are In which setting will this presentation be viewed? & What technological resources are available in that setting? Also don't forget to ask Is a PowerPoint presentation the most effective way to convey my point? Presentation Software n Keynote italic nKeynote provides a very visually stimulating presentation software that can be controlled remotely via iPad or iPhone. Certain premade templates are very designer-esque. For a client for whom I worked the mix of sleek transitions paired with the notes on his iPad made tje presentation on Arts + Technology shine.n Best for A little less than ordinary presentations mobile integration sleek transitions (esp. object animations) italic n Shorings Hostputer must be a Mac with Keynote installed italic PowerPoint 211 italic nPowerPoint provides all the tools to make a stunning presentation. It is often used and abused in presentations but remember not to blame the tools (blame the workman!). It is easy to learn for users familiar with the Office Suite and for advanced Office users it offers a VBA backbone for custom coding.n Best for When you're not sure what sort ofputer will be hosting the presentation integrating Excel graphs into a presentation easy to download more templates from the internet italic n Shorings Oftentimes appears typical be careful not to over animate.n italic n italic nPrezi is a free presentation software that uses an infinitely expandable canvas as the background for the user's story. After creating the canvas the user assigns paths on how the camera will zoom around in and out of the elements to tell his story. Chris Anderson provides an example of effective Prezi use in this video ().n Best for Fl storytelling metaphors italic n Shorings Audience may be dizzy movements can easily be more distracting than meaningfuln italic n Best Practices italic nNo matter which software a user chooses to build the presentation the main consideration should be the content of the presentation. The following s provide a wealth of information on constructing and delivering captivating presentationsn The 99 Percent on How to Create a Captivating Presentation - Nancy Duarte's Slideology on designing presentations - =sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=131411898&sr=8-1 Nancy Duarte's Resonate on designing transformative stories - =pd_sim_b_1 nFor especially customized presentations I rmend using graphic design tools to create custom objects and backgrounds. However this is definitely not a requirement for a great presentation! Good luck! Read on for other uses of the above named software Newsletter Documents (non-presentation yet visual files) italic nPages and PowerPoint (via altering the slide size) both provide InDesign substitutes that can make great looking newsletter- documents at a fraction of the costplexity. A user's finished document can be exported as a PDF for easy sharing across all platforms and the web. Best uses Custom documents resume formatting visual-heavy or highly-formatted media italic Textual Documents - Microsoft Word nFor publications where the content is heavy Microsoft Word is my preferred choice. The ease of using its footnoting header formatting with auto- options and equation editor helps keep the flow in writing technical papers without too many formatting headaches. Furthermore since the implementation of the Ribbon system in Window in '7 and for Mac in '11 the Microsoft features are even more convenient (and visual) to navigate through. Best uses Technical documents where ual content is the focus italic
How can I make the same Word document on a PC which is on a paper?
Answering How can I make the same Word document on a PC which is on a paper? Julie Frey provides some possible mechanisms. Your choice may depend on the size (number of pages) of the document and also theplexity of the formatting. Microsoft provides a free app called Office Lens available for iOS and Android so iPhones iPads and tablets and Android smartphones. This app will take a picture page at a time allows cropping contrast adjustment and then Optical Character Recognition (OCR) processing to export to Word and other formats. After converting to Word you can email it to yourself and continue to edit in Word. I haven tried anything tooplex so I don know how much post-adjustment will be needed to formatplex things (such as multi-column tables images headers footers etc.) But it is free and from Microsoft (so they do know how to put things in Word format.)
What are CSS and its full form?
As others have stated CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. The CSS for a website consists of one or more files each of which contains a series of rules to achieve specific effects. The rules generally identify either a specific web page object (identified by its ID) or a class of objects. Example my HTML might look like this
Is Swift the easiest language to learn?
Not even close. Is it easy yes. Is it the easiest no. The language itself I find to be fairly straightforward. The problems I run into is the environment. 1. If you want to develop Swift you need apiler which requires you to have a Mac environment. There are ways around this but the simplest thing to do is to have a Mac. 2. As an IDE XCode makes me want to punch a baby. I've had to work in a number of environments over my career and I find XCode to be frustrating to say the least. For all the care Apple gives to its design XCode seems to want to be everything that every other IDE is not unintuitive. 3. Most Swift courses and examples I see online deal with iOS. This is great if you want to develop an iOS app. If however you want to develop an application for the Mac (like I am) there are far fewer examples. 4. Community support is small. We all tend to have our base language (Java C C++ C# JavaScript etc.). And we typically think in our base language. When I run into a road block I think about how I would tackle the problem in my base language then I get on StackExchange or Google my question. I consistently find that the questions I'm asking take me 5x longer to dig up an appropriate answer - and usually it isn't the answer I want but the answer that gets me closer to the final answer. 5. There is no certification program available from Apple. I find the easiest way to learn an environment is to go through the vendor's certification process. You learn not just the nuts and bolts but the vendor's processes and vocabulary. This simply doesn't exist so you have to wing it. I know there are 3rd party online and in-person classes you can pick up but I see them as a bolt on to the vendor's training programs. All that said if you are an experienced developer I think these things are speed-bumps. If you are a new developer I'd look for some kind of in-person training.