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Insert Watermark In Word: What You Should Know

Get Your Company Logo Watermark How to embed a custom watermark on a webpage in Word How to embed a custom-made watermark on a website in Word How to add a watermark to a Microsoft Word document in Office Steps for adding a custom watermark Steps for using a customized Watermark If you need help to add or configure Microsoft Word's watermark, here's your answer ! The process of writing watermarks in Word is simple and straightforward. In fact, it is easier to write your watermark than to make a custom font for it. First, create your watermark template using the template wizard in Word. The design and formatting are pretty straightforward and easy to work with. The template is a single-page PDF or DOC. Once you have your PDF or DOC of watermark template, you can download a new version from the Office Store Or, you can print out a blank template and just cut it out. For making your watermark, you simply write a text, click Preview, then put a watermark icon in front of it. Watermark images can be a vector image, EPS, or PNG. (Vector images can also be used, but not most.) When you upload the file you've printed, you also have the option of downloading a text copy of the watermark. The text is optional, though it's useful for the end-consumer. Once someone opens the PDF or DOC of your watermark, they will see a small icon in the upper right corner of the page that indicates the watermark is enabled: A text icon. How to Create a Custom Font for a Watermark in Word You can create a custom font for your watermark, similar to the custom font you can create for a custom font in your Word document. First, you must download the watermark font and font icon to your computer (in this case, you're going to use the font for your logo). You can download an original font or design a font in Illustrator or other vector software. You can use a pre-made font with your custom font. But if you decide to design a custom one, be careful not to overdo it! For more information on how to create font files, check out my article, How to Create a Word Font.

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