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Insert A Watermark Only On Selected Pages: What You Should Know

Select watermark, shape, image, text, or shape for all the pages in the section, then click the Save selection to watermark gallery, then click Save. † You may need to double-click the watermark you intend to To set a watermark for just one page Add a watermark ‸ Click on Design > Watermark to define the watermark on a specific page from this page only (click the ‹Select Page‹ button) To set a watermark for the entire page To set a watermark for just one page and select all pages in the page To set a watermark in the document Steps to make your watermarks work when the document is opened • Create page background • Add the watermark as you normally would — select it, move it, or change color (click the Watermark drop-down and select an image) • Save the selection ‡ • Add as you normally would — select it, move it, or change color (click the Watermark drop-down and select an image) • Save page as usual • To create a watermark on pages that have already been printed (e.g., on one sheet of copy and pasted into another document), click ‹Save page as usual and select a saved copy of the page from the drop-down, then click the Watermark drop-down and select your selected image or shape in the new screen Watermarking in the Document Step 1: Create the watermark Add watermark ‹ Open ‹ Watermark to define the watermark on a specific page from this page only ‹ Select Page‬ Add a watermark ‸ Click on Design > Watermark Add watermark (section layout object) · Click one of the object buttons in the toolbar to add a text box, shape, or image to any page in the section, then drag a shape to the top of the shape list (see figure 1). Note: The Watermark drop-down does not have an outline, making it easier to define and move watermarks ‹Save selection to.watermark † You may need to double-click the watermark image you intend to click the Watermark drop-down and select any image, shape, or shape to be applied to the page you are editing.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing insert a watermark only on selected pages


How can you set different watermarks for each page in an Office 2010 file?
If you are dealing with Text Watermark Go to the desired page where you want the watermark to appear. Right click on the desired watermark and select Insert at Current Document Position . Another Method If you want the Watermark to appear at Odd Places or only in the First Page Double Click on the first page Header section Go to Design and Chose Different First Page or Different Odd and Even Pages according to your requirement. . But if you want to apply Picture Watermark at different position there is no easy escape.. Follow the below steps carefully From Custom Watermark 2 Picture Watermark apply the desired watermark (Don worry! For the time being it would be spread to entire document) Now put cursor at the start of page 234.. and select Page Layout 2 Breaks 2 Continuous Do this for all the pages as already mentioned. Next Enter Header of each page (234.) and Deselect Link To Previous from each page by selecting its respective headers. Now go to the desired page and modify the watermark. ~~All Queries Are Wee~ ~Please Upvote my Answer if I Helped You Guyz~ ~ italic
How do I send a picture behind text in Excel?
Excel doesn really allow you to send a picture behind the cell values on the worksheet. Although there are workarounds each of them involvespromises you may find too objectionable. You can put a picture behind by using it as wallpaper. You do this with the Page LayoutBackground ribbon item. Note that the picture won printand you have no control over its size or how it tiles. You can also insert a picture on top of the then change its transparency so you can see the cell contents underneath. Both picture and cell values will print but you won be able to click on the cells to select and edit them because the picture lies on top. You insert the picture using the InsertPicture ribbon item. While it is selected you may change its transparency in the FormatTransparency ribbon item. Note that you won see the Format ribbon until you select the picture. The next approach is to insert the picture on a blank sheet then paste a picture of cell values on top of it. The advantage over the preceding is that both pictures may have % transparency. The values can be selected and won update but they will print. to insert the picture Select the cells to be viewed then as picture to copy their appearance. If you choose As shown when printed in the resulting dialog there will be no gridlines. ordered-list The final approach uses a tool called Camera that can be added to the QAT. If you use it to take a picture of a cell range you get a live to those cells when you paste the update when the source range changes. You will probably want to change the properties of the picture from the Camera so there is no fill. When I used the Camera tool in Excel 23 I found it made the workbook sluggish. I have avoided using that tool since then.
Can I put a watermark on one page only?
Watermarks headers and footers all reside inside sections so if you want a different layout for any of these just create a separate section for that page and place your watermark in it. To assign a new section just select Break from the Layout menu and choose one of the Section Break options. Youll see a new section number at the bottom of your page. For that new section you can select Insert Header and add your watermark to the header. Depending on your version of Word the Insert Watermark option will be in the Page Background section either on the Page Layout or the Design tab . After youve added the watermark create another new section right after that page. By default headers and footers will inherit the same characteristics from headers and footers in previous sections so on the next page click in the header area and unselect the option to Link to Previous header.
How can I make a letterhead design in Illustrator or Indesign to fit in an MS Word watermark page?
If you create your letterhead in Illustrator or InDesign export it as an RGB high res JPEG at the full size of your page in Word. Create a blank Word document. Choose Header and Footer italic from the View menu. With the cursor active in the Header section go to the Insert menu and choose Photo Picture from file italic . Navigate to your JPEG file and insert it. On my Mac it usuallyes in at a smaller size. With the imported JPEG selected in Word go to the Format menu and select Picture italic . This will open a dialogue box where you can set the size at 1% under the Size tab. In the same dialogue box under the Layout tab choose Behind Text italic for the Wrapping style and then click Advanced in that window. That opens the Advanced Layout tab where you can set the Alignment Left italic relative to Page italic as well as Top italic relative to Page italic . Click Okay and your placed graphic should then look full size and be correctly positioned on the page in Word. You can then close the Header and Footer view. Your graphic will fade to look like a watermark but it will print at full strength and will be behind any elements that you add to the Word document. I hope this helps.
How can I create a custom image watermark in a Word document?
How can I create a custom to the page header or footer. For this answer Ill assume a simple document to be printed single-sided. (See below for more details to consider if your document will be printed 2-sided and with different first pages.) italic Use an and save it in a suitable format (JPG PNG etc.). See point 5 about transparency below new versions of Word can apply transparency but if you are using an older version you may need to do it in the . It will push the document down but ignore that for now. The document should now flow over italic the around on the page to position it wherever it is needed. You can also use the corner handles to resize it (or use the layout dialog options for very specific controls). ordered-list The watermark you will need to set the transparency in the original being placed in a header. The s or content is added to the header. horizontal-rule What if your document is moreplex? Since a Word document can have several different s of header first page odd pages even pages or all pages youll need to adjust the above procedure if you need to display the watermark on odd even and first pages. By default the Page Setup dialog Layout tab has the Header and footers options unchecked so adding a Header (or Footer) will display it to on every page. If you turn on the Different odd and even option the existing Header will be the header for the Odd pages and youll need to create a copy for the Even pages. If you turn on the Different first page checkbox youll need to create a copy to have it display on the first page. Headers and footers are section attributes italic so if your book is set up with each chapter being a section (the rmended practice) each new section will automatically inherit the previous section header You can disconnect these if you want them to be different. Here what a printed document might look like with the watermark used above when set in the first even and odd headers
What is the role of the 'Description' field in the Wordpress Media library?
The description field is just a space for you to provide additional information about your description copyright etc). The information displays on the media attachment page if you make your . This media attachment page is automatically generated by WordPress if you select your source copyright information and anything else that's relevant- Image (c) author via . Creative Commons License 2.. Reproduction permitted for nonmercial use. Watermark in image must not be removed in reproduction. italic You get the general idea.
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