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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing how to watermark a picture in word
Instructions and Help about how to watermark a picture in word

Hey everybody Rhonda jirafa here and in this video tutorial I am going to show you how to use PowerPoint to put either ghost images or watermarks or just text on either your pictures your graphics any type of artwork that you want to claim as your own as long as they are your own and you can put your copyright symbol on there you can put things back to your website your URL back to your website's domain name or you know just put your name on it whatever you want to do here so what we're going to do is straight away here we're gonna get into PowerPoint I'm going to open that up and as soon as PowerPoint opens up whoopsie I got my Camtasia attached to this what you'll do is you'll hit file and then you're gonna click on new and then blank presentation is the best thing to work on so now we will click create and once you get here you don't really want this noise in here so you'll go to layout and then blink and now we have a blank canvas so let's say we want to take a picture that we have taken and you know we want to make sure that the right person gets credit for it so we're going to click insert up here we're going to click on picture and you will see here that you're going to it usually automatically goes straight in to pictures but I'm gonna select documents and I've got a lot of folders here so bear with me as I get through them all let's see we will go let's go with these guys do a lot of artwork pushpop containers mmm let's see what do we want to do let's get some images keep everything in folders guys it's uh just kind of something you want to do and let's do let's just do this one okay it's a nice image so what we're going to do is we're going to take this image and now we're going to create some text on it okay and the way that you do that is let's do this you're gonna make sure you're over here click on your homepage okay there's tons of stuff you can do in PowerPoint gang but we're just going to show you how to do this real quick so you'll click up here and it's your text box okay and you'll come down here wherever you want to put text on your image is fine and then you'll see you've got a blinking cursor right here and this is where you will start typing in your text so we know that this image belongs to it belongs to push pop containers and calm so we're gonna do that pushpot containers calm okay so we have this here it's not big enough we really want it to pop out right so we'll go ahead and.