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How well are modern troops in today's military trained in the use of melee weapons, and would they be able to hold their own against a medieval knight?
Without his rifle the modern soldier stands about as much chance as a snowman facing a chainsaw wielding Mike Tyson in hell. While modern soldiers have some closebat training I'd like to emphasize the word SOME there. It's a minor part of their training not at all the focus. This is even for special forces who receive more CQC training than most but still focus far more on modern weapons. A knight on the other hand has been trained in meleebat since he was a child. Meleebat is their job their ONLY job. They do it until they either die in battle or grow so old they can't fight anymore. Also the melee weapons employed by your modern soldier are going to be woefully inadequate to stop a knight with any reliability. While a dagger (which a modern fighting knife is an example of) is capable of doing the job in certain circumstances the chances of being able to get a kill shot on an armored angry well trained man who is not only familiar with the use of daggers but actively resisting is low. I very much doubt our soldier knows any dagger techniques that the knight does not know how to counter. Also given his armor the knight could simply grab the weapon or the hand of the modern soldier and then gut him like a fish. This is a demonstration of 14th century dagger fightingn s It's likely the knight knows something very similar to that. Meanwhile our soldier's cloth body armor is going to provide little protection against a knight's weapons. Cutting and stabbing attacks are one of the weaknesses of kevlar. Even if the knight's first blows were deflected by the ceramic plates in the armor the knight is used to fighting armored opponents and it won't take him long to figure out our soldier's limbs and neck are soft. Now I know some of you are thinking all the soldier has to do is stay away from the knight and the big brute will tire. While this is to a certain extent (everyone tires eventually no matter how well trained) you must understand that not only is a knight very well conditioned for meleebat (it is again his job) but he is significantly less encumbered than you may believe. Going off surviving examples of plate mail suits ranged from 65-85lbs depending on the size and the era. This is in the same sort of range as our soldier would be carrying for abat load and the knight's armor is spread across his entire body. His armor is also tailored for him and the suit actually has a higher ROM than the human body is capable of. Knights would regularly perform tumbling routines in full armor at tournaments and it was not umon for them to vault onto their horses for the joust. Here's an example of a regular guy doing exercises and acrobatics in an off the shelf suit of armor. A knight would be stronger and have a better fitting suitn s Likewise the knight's weapons are not nearly as heavy as the media would have you believe. Many swords were as light as 3lbs with your larger hand and a half sword generally being closer to 5. A sword owned by a knight is likely well made sharp and balanced. It is not a crude hacking weapon but a strong and agile blade capable of lightning fast attack and defense. A good swing from a sword can easily sever a limb or cut a deep cavity into anyone unfortunate enough to be at the receiving end. The knight is also an expert in it's use. Besides the lance the sword is his signature weapon. If we assume both have their regular equipment minus ranged weapons then we must also mention the lance. Your average knight would be wielding a lance on horseback as his primary weapon. Essentially a spear on steroids lances were generally 1-12 and sometimes as much as 16 feet long tipped with a steel point and couched for impact support. With this the knight can run down the soldier with ease. The soldier's vest won't stop the impact of a lance to the chest delivered at a full gallop and the knight has been training to hit that shot since he was a child. Our modern soldier is also unlikely to be able to defeat the knight with grappling. Knights were not ignorant of grappling in the least as is evidenced by period fighting manuals. There were actually a variety of unarmed and hybrid styles in Europe at the time. One of which Kampfringen is seen here s It is extensively documented and resembles Judo and MMA. They even had mounted grappling techniques. So if our soldier tries any slick grappling moves he faces a good chance of being countered and taking either an armored fist or a dagger to the face. Barring some incredible stroke of luck the knight wins this fight far more often than he loses. It's not to take anything away from our modern soldier but he's a gun fighter fighting with no gun. I think it's important to understand the impact firearms had on warfare. Once guns became good enough to reliably defeat armor (and that did take some time by the way) war started to change dramatically. Not just in weapons and tactics but in who fought them. See it takes a very long time to be proficient with melee weapons. To get really good you need to train for decades. Sure you can take an average reasonably fit person and teach them how to thrust and parry but without decades of training they will lose to someone of the caliber of a knight. So it used to be that the only people who had the time and resources to dedicate their lives to fighting were the nobility. Peasants had far more important things to worry about like not starving. So the nobility ruled the battlefield because they had the time and money to train. Guns changed that. You can take any reasonably healthy young man and within a span of 3 or 4 months he can be turned into a well trainedpetent soldier. Guns have made killing so much easier that just about anyone can be turned into a soldier quickly. The young farmboy who would have been cut to pieces by the knight in the past now possesses weapons so easy to use and so powerful that he needs not fear the landed gentry. So give our soldier his rifle and he blows the knight away with ease.
What psychological tricks and hacks are useful to know?
21 signs shows she is secretly in love with you.. 1. She gets super awkward in front of you. Her hands get fidgety she starts playing with her hair or her phone with a faint hint of blushing when you look at her while talking. 2. This one not so obvious - she fights with you a lot. And yet never really leaves you. She always making mean nasty jokes on you especially on your face. There always a battle of wits between the two of you. She does that because she in denial and wants to do everything she can to hide her feelings. 3. She is always the first one to respond to anything you say anything you do. If you want a drink shell go out of her way to make you one. She gives you way more importance than anyone else. 4. She gets hurt over reasons you don even understand over things you don even remember saying. It because she expects you to love her back but cannot say it out loud! 5. She gives too much importance to what you think of her. Others may judge her wrong and she wouldn give a damn but she cares a lot about what you think of her. And if she doesn like your opinion of her she goes to every length to prove herself to you. She wants you to think the best about her and it quite obvious with the way she constantly trying to change your opinion. 6. She shows a lot of involvement in your life even more than your best friend. She wants to know everything about you 3 the kind of rapport you have with your parents what you do when youre alone how many girls youve dated the kind of friends you had in school what your real passion in life is your favourite movies what you like for breakfast 3 you name it and she wants to know it. 7. She sends you random chat messages and claims it happened by mistake just to start a conversation in the middle of the night while she really was just stalking you on Facebook and waiting for the green icon against your name to light up. She always trying too hard to not look eager to talk to you. 8. She laughs at the lamest of jokes you crack jokes that nobody else finds funny including yourself. Yeah that adorable. 9. She tries to catch your attention by doing everything possible. She won take your calls one random day she will ditch plans unexpectedly and she will wander off from the group to take a walk alone when youre out with your mutual friends shell sit alone at a party pretending she really sad about something hoping youll notice and give her some importance. 1. She talks to you like any other friend when you meet but as soon as you get back home and chat with her online she begins to flirt! It like she a totally different person on chat. It maybe because she can never gather the courage to flirt with you in person. 11. She shows signs of jealously if you talk to other girls. She gets mad at you for giving another girl attention. And to hide her real feelings she always plays the you-don-have-time-for-your-friends-anymore card. 12. She tries to find ways to spend some alone time with you even when youre in a group. She will drag you along for a long walk with the excuse of going to the ATM when her wallet really is loaded with cash. And it only you she chooses every time to apany her! 13. When youre at a party she is somehow always in your line of sight and knows exactly where you be sitting. She always making sure she gives you enough chances to notice her especially if she all decked up. 14. She always acting pricey saying she cannote to an event for some or the other reason. Although it takes just a little insistence from your side to make her change her mind. That what she wants 3 for you to insist! It makes her feel important. 15. She looks at you differently than how other girls look at you. There a sexual tension in her eyes. Even when youre talking to someone else her eyes are all for you. You can almost see the attraction dominating her every move. She clearly attracted. 16. And if you catch her looking at you she goes red in the face with embarrassment and instantly looks away. 17. She remembers everything youve ever said. Everything. She doesn remember where she kept her phone but she remembers exactly what you told the autowallah who refused to go by the meter that day. 18. She picks on words you use a lot very easily. She notices you so much she unknowingly starts using your lingo to the extent that even other people cannot help but point it out. 19. She never bored of talking to you. She always tries to keep the conversation going no matter how. Whenever you think the conversation is over she will always have a new question for you. 2. Youve been very inconsiderate towards her taken her for granted let her down as a friend and she has still forgiven you. She has stood by you no matter what. There only one way of putting it 3 her love for you is unconditional. 21. She too concerned for you more than what a friend usually is. Even if you have something as small as amon cold she will literally nurse call you thrice a day just to see if youre fine.
What is the most clever life hack you've learned?
When shopping online always read the 1-star reviews first. Don't right-click-correct incorrectly spelled words. Delete the entire word then re- it correctly. Do this to train yourself to spell words right the first time instead of relying on spell-check. Before watching a TV show or movie try not to look at reviews. Apply for a loan a day or two after your normal pay day. Put some tape on the cables of expensive electronics like headphones. If it looks like it's been repaired badly it's less likely to get stolen. Use the three second rule to determine a safe distance while following another vehicle. Once the lead vehicle passes a stationary object allow three seconds before passing the same object. This works at all speeds. When finishing up at a coffee shop don shove your used napkin into your empty cup. Some poor soul will have to personally dig to remove the back-wash infested mush that is now glued to the bottom. If you have problems power napping for the right amount of time hold something in your hand. When it falls it's time to wake up. Take a few basic first aid courses. You never know when you'll have to save a life! If you're going on a vacation find a whole new playlist to listen to with new songs only. This way when you play it back later you can vividly reminisce about your time there in the future. If you find yourself having to write or someone name you should know instead of asking them their name ask them how to spell it instead that way you may be able to avoid offending the person. If you can make an excuse to buy it you can also make an excuse not to buy it. On most calculators the C button means clear and CE means Clear Entry. The C will clear all input while CE clears the most recent entry so if you make a mistake in a longputation you don't need to start all over again. If you are excited for a movie don watch the trailer. If you need to take your vehicle to a garage clean your car first. They will treat your car better. If you like cookies and free stuff donate blood. You get a free cookie!! Go back and re-read technical manuals for something you are passionate about every year or so. It's amazing what new ideas you learn with a more experienced perspective. Whenever you are having a horrible day write a letter to a grandparent or write a thank you note to someone. It's hard to be upset and grateful at the same time. If you think someone is lying about their age ask them what year they are born in. If they are lying they'll have to do the math but if they're telling the truth they'll know it instantly.
Why does Python have more followers on Quora compared to other programming languages?
Python is definitely one of the most popular programming languages currently. Here are some of the reasons which I think makes python cool 1. Easy to learn nPython is one of the easiest programming language you'll ever learn. It uses a very simple syntax and removes the hassles of cy braces and semicolon. Also python forces you to your code which makes the much more readable. 2. The power it gives you nPython has a module for almost everything. It takes much less lines of code to perform a task. A few days ago I had to download 2 PDF files from a website and it took me less five lines of code to do so. Here is the code n import lib code for i in range(121) code s=URL+str(i)+.PDF code f=Mod_+str(i)+.PDF code (sf) code nAlso see these answers for some clever python hacks What are the best Python scripts you've ever written? question qid 1211965 3. The language of the future nPython is used by many bigpanies like Dropbox Quora Reddit Google. Also manyputer science students prefer it over other scripting languages like Ruby and PHP.
What are some examples of great marketing?
The benefits of local food and farmer markets. Great reasons to support them but also a lot of mythology there. Myth #1 Food traveling a smaller distance to market reduces gasoline use and carbon emissions. It keeps more traffic off the road. italic Not necessarily. Farmer Bill a good guy just trying to make a living can only haul a fraction of the amount of meat and produce to a local farmer market than a big semi truck can carry. Bill also isn likely to take anything back home in his truck when he done delivering whereas a big truck driver is probably going to drive a few miles across town to another distribution center and fill up with something else to haul that italic 5 miles down the road. Semi trucks use more gasoline than a Ford pickup truck you bet. But per pound italic hauled theyre still more efficient. If you can stick food on a freight train that even better. One train engine hauling 5 tons of tomatoes and a bunch of other stuff from California is actually more environmentally friendly than 5 Bills driving to market. (And don forget that a lot of farmers actually drive 1 miles to get to a weekend or Wednesday market in the city because there less demand for the boutique presentation and the same experience in the rural areas where they live.) Farmer markets actually encourage some consumers to drive more. (Unless youre walking or riding a bike then youre exempt.) Farmer Bill with his food stand on the courthouse square probably doesn sell paper towels toilet paper or Ajax. Invariably most customers will still have to go a grocery store to find some italic food items let alone cleaning supplies. If they drive to the farmer market then make a separate trip over to Kroger or Safeway theyre putting an additional amount of carbon into the atmosphere. Then if they want a speciality item at Trader Joe that one more trip. (Of course it all a drop in the oceanpared to what a power plant in China or India is producing. But the kind of people who shop at farmer markets will almost invariably lecture everyone else about climate change when in fact even the post-delivery issues involved in farmer markets contribute to higher carbon emissions.) Myth #2 Growing food locally is more efficient and environmentally friendly. Don buy Idaho potatos if you live in North Carolina. Not necessarily . Potatos grow really well in Idaho cool nights sunny days volcanic soil. Perfect. You can grow over 1 1 times the number of potatos on an acre of land in Idaho as you can on the same acre in North Carolina. The naturally higher yield means that you need fewer pesticides and less water for irrigation. Even if youre transporting huge sacks of Idaho potatos 1 miles to market as long as you put them on a big freight train it still more fuel-efficient than it is for Farmer Bill to haul potatos to market locally. And regardless of fuel consumption alone there are environmentally valid reasons to concentrate potato production in Idaho. If Farmer Bill ever leaves the farming business from a strictly (dreary) environmental perspective taking his farm out of production and planting it over with trees would actually take more carbon back out of the atmosphere than handing it over to a young farmer. Myth #3 Local food is inherently tastier more nutritious and more socially responsible than food shipped in from elsewhere. Sometimes but not necessarily. The main benefit of buying food locally is to develop a relationship with people and place. Youre supporting a local business owner. These are great things. On the other hand local farmers don actually employ many people. If everybody bought locally and all nationwide and international distribution of food ended tomorrow there would be some economic fallout there. Truth #1 Local food is good but there also too much about perception and class involved here. Farmer markets unfortunately are ridden with social class issues. italic It why you almost never see them in poor neighborhoods. A mountain of a taste-test studies have shown that people rate food and drink differently based on all kinds of social and psychological factors. These often have little no nothing to do with tastebuds and the reality of the food itself. I don want to take the cynicism too far but literally and figuratively taste is a social construction a performance for yourself and your neighbors and often just a projection of your brain. Blindfolded people have literally been given chocolate yogurt told that it was locally-sourced strawberry yogurt then raved about the strawberry flavor. There wasn a strawberry in it. Wine conoisseurs have been handed a glass of $5 Carlo Rossi from a glass jug in the dark told it was a $1 Grand Cru from Burgundy then smacked their lips This is the best thing Ive ever tasted. Veryplex. Notes of French oak Great master palates? Famous chefs blindfolded are frequently unable to distinguish basic things like peanut butter from cream cheese let alone taste France or California in a specific food item. Consumers ascribe a better taste to food all the time based on how much theyre told (or think) it costs. Theyll rate a $2 dinner sold at $2 higher than a $2 dinner sold for $2. Theyll be handed a $2 dinner asked how much they think it should cost and say 2 then vice-versa. This isn always italic but so much of this stuff is just in your head. One study actually took a 17-ingredient salad and determined whether consumers would give a high score based on presentation alone. In the artistic presentation the ingredients actually imitated Wassily Kandinsky Painting #21 italic . The orderly salad just had theponents laid out individually. And the messy presentation was a typical salad in a pile. Consumers wanted the Kandinsky salad despite the ingredients being exactly the same. People are willing to pay more for cheese at a farmer market or an open-air city market especially if has any kind of European cachet attached to it because the more colorful and authentic presentation leads them to believe these products truly taste better. Without having even bought a chunk of cheese yet it must italic taste better than the cheese from a supermarket. Because look at it Words matter too. You can rock in a rocking chair on a porch in Nebraska on a pretty summer afternoon and it not quantifiably less enjoyable than rocking on a porch in the breeze in North Carolina. But a Carolina rocking chair will sell way better than a Nebraska rocking chair. Farmer markets milk folksy connotations for everything their worth while appealing mostly to urban yuppies. Truth #2 Higher-end and local consumers while trying italic to be responsible also just get virtue points for being seen out and about. Shopping locally shopping with people who are like them not italic buying where lower-class consumers shop I don want to be too negative here but you get the picture. It also worth pointing that very few people who shop at farmer markets are interested in bringing this food to lower-ie neighbors. Some would even be less likely to shop there the second poor people start showing up. The producers italic might be poor. I know a farmer market where a lot of the producers are southeast Asian immigrants. This gives the middle class who shop at these markets the opportunity to seem benevolent toward poor immigrants while not actually making sure that other lower-ie families get the same access to local food. (There are also transportation issues involved. Many black Americans for example don own cars. It much harder for them to get to a farmer market which will almost never be in a lower-ie neighborhood.) The food revolution is lots of things some of them really good. But at its worst it a lot of social-climbing consumerism. Sometimes it like that episode of Black Mirror italic where everybody rates you 24 and where you actually rate yourself italic subconsciously. Even if it just in your own head your social credit rating is a hit of dope. I love a lot of things about the foodie revolution. And Ive bought into every one of these myths at one time or another. But the foodies susceptibility to show up on Facebook and Instagram ground-zero for all the virtue signaling and escapism that be such a big problem since Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg came around is no accident.
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