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Nitro PDF Download: What You Should Know

Nitro PDF Reader is the leading PDF viewer available on the market without the need to install anything or change settings. What's new in the latest version? Enhanced PDF reader features • Create, sign PDF documents and integrate all other features like: Watermarking Printing Import and share any type of files and even PDFs in Windows and on Mac with Nitro Reader • Nitro Print and Nitro Ink — Print all types and sizes at 100% quality • Nitro PDF Reader — the most powerful reader available. • The most beautiful reading experience with the advanced watermark-free PDF editing • The most beautiful printing experience with the new ink and high-resolution printing technology • Free and secure in every aspect • Integrate all other features — Nitro PDF Reader is now a fully functional PDF reader. • You are able to print at the same time as you drag-and-drop files • You can also share any type of files and PDFs with other applications in Windows. If you want to print files from your computer using PC Print, Windows Ink and Nitro PDF Reader, just enable in the Settings. Features of Nitro PDF Reader for Windows Nitro PDF Reader has most advanced features in the market like: Nitro Inks for ink & watermark PDF creation, printing and annotation Nitro PDF Reader — Nitro Ink enables you create watermark-free PDF, print and PDF-related forms using your existing ink. Nitro Ink How to apply Nitro Inks in a file Nitro Ink for Ink & Image Enhancement How to apply Nitro Inks on a PDF from within PDF files Nitro Ink and the Ink toolbar • Select a line, a rectangle, or the whole document. • Apply Nitro Ink inside any PDF file. • Add nitro-ink to any other type of document by using the Ink toolbar. • Just start a PDF reader, open it, and open the Ink toolbar to apply nitro-ink on it. • Select nitro-ink with one click and your ink will be applied on the page. • The same nitro-ink can be applied with other tools like the Clip art Icon, Text, etc. The nitro-ink will appear on the page and be applied after the ink is applied to the documents. You can also make a PDF invisible or add the nitro-ink to a PDF where the page background is black or white or transparent. Nitro PDF is free and safe to use.

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