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Hello friends welcome to Cygnus the channel for heavy system users in this video we are going to look at how to remove watermark from a PDF document well we are not going to use any paid software to remove watermark so let's first look at the file with watermark so this is the watermark which I am talking about so we are going to remove the remove this watermark in a couple of minutes so we are going to follow five simple steps so let me show you one by one so I'm going to download software called Apache OpenOffice so for the people who don't know about a batch OpenOffice it is a product which is equivalent to the Microsoft Office and this is open source and completely free so I'm going to show you how to download and don't load up a OpenOffice go to download and you can download from here so in case you're not going to use this software continuously after editing the PDF I would recommend you to download a portable version so I will show you how to download a portable version so search for portable and you will get OpenOffice from port portableapps.com so you can select the first download link which is for a standard language package in case you want our language packages you can go for the second one so I have already downloaded this file executable file which is available over here so since it is a portable version when you double-click and install this PAF file it will get installed in the same location where you place this file so click on run ok click Next quickly read the license agreement and click on agree and as I said it is going to get installed in the default location where that PA a file was placed so that your C Drive will not get impacted so click install so in the meantime let us it will take couple of minutes to complete in the meantime I am going to show you how to download do the second step wherein we are going to download the extension called PDF import extension for Apache OpenOffice let me search for that PDF import extension for a patch Open Office so select this one so please be careful we are downloading OpenOffice for point X so you should choose the first one which doesn't say three point X so download the extension no choose the operating system for which you want this extension so click on windows the download started and click on OK it's a very little file it gets downloaded immediately so in the meantime the Apache OpenOffice installation has completed click on finish you can open the portable version of OpenOffice from here double click this icon click Next you give your name and click finish so now as soon as the OpenOffice started you click on tools' and go to extension manager you.